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Link: • Johannes Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 25 April 1736 n.s.
Dated 25 April 1736. Sent from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Hartecamp (Netherlands). Written in Latin.

Doctissimo Viro
Carolo Linnaeo
S[alutem] D[icit]
Ioannes Burmannus.

Putaveram hisce diebus ad te transvolasse, sed per innumera negotia et filii fratris mei aegritudinem,[1] qui in mortis angulo versatur, id non licuit. Mitto itaque, quae ipse adportasse speraveram, semina quaedam in gratiam domini CliffortiiClifford, George (1685-1760).
Dutch. Banker and merchant in Amsterdam,
Linnaeus’s benefactor. Owner of
Hartecamp and its botanical garden
outside Haarlem. Correspondent of
, quae sunt ex illis quae a MichelioMicheli, Pietro Antonio
(1679-1737). Italian. Botanist, curator
of the botanical garden of Florence.
Before Linnaeus the leading authority on
acceperam, per infaustum et aridum caelum ea prius terrae committere non ausus fui satque tempore restat, ut matura inde semina exspectare[a][a] : MS1 <spera[re]> expectare possis. Vellem et vehementer desidero ut tomus secundus Historiae Iamaicae SloaneSloane, Hans (1660-1753).
British. Physician, naturalist and
collector. Secretary of the Royal
Society in 1693, president in 1727.
Sloane’s collections of natural history
objects were donated to the English
nation and were one of cornerstones of
the British Museum (1759). Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
quam primum ad me mittatur,[2] quum quaedam excerpere adhuc ex illa debeam et mox inpressio libri mei inchoetur. Petas itaque a Maecenate tuo,[3] ut mecum per aliquot dies communicet, gratissimum et acceptissimum mihi fore, et si quaedam adhuc supersint semina, quae mihi usui esse possunt, simul mittas. Dum haec scribo adnunciatur obitus filioli fratris mei, quem adire statim debeo ita ut haec finiam et quam primum tomum secundum histor[iae] &c et semina, si supersunt, expectem.

Valeas et salutes meis nominibus quam plurimum Dominum Cliffortium.

Dabam Amstel[odami] 25 April[is] 1736

[address] Doctissimo Viro / Dno Carolo Linnaeo / Med. Doctori etc. etc. 7 / Hartecampum


Johannes Burman had hoped to be able to visit Linnaeus. This turned out to be impossible due to many matters and to the illness of his brother’s son, who is dying. He therefore sends some seeds, which he has received from Pietro Antonio Micheli, which he had hoped to bring to George Clifford. These are seeds which he has not been able to plant because the weather was not favourable; but there is still time for them to grow. He wants Linnaeus to send part two of Hans Sloane’s A voyage to the islands [...] Jamaica as soon as possible. He has still got things to excerpt from it, and the printing of his book will soon begin. He would be most grateful if Linnaeus asked Clifford to get in touch with him and, if he still has some seeds which may be useful, to send them over. While writing this letter news has arrived of the death of his brother’s little son and he must go there at once and stop here.


a. original holograph (LS, I, 347-348). [1] [2] [3]


1. Bref och skrifvelser (1943), vol. II:2, p. 45-46   p.45  p.46.


MS1 <spera[re]> expectare


Sloane, A voyage to the islands Madera, Barbados, Nicies, St Christophers and JamaicaSloane, Hans A voyage to the
islands Madera, Barbados, Niciers, St
Christophers and Jamaica
, I-II
(London 1707-1725).
. Vol. II was published in 1725.
George Clifford.