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Link: • Cromwell Mortimer to Carl Linnaeus, 7 August 1736 n.s.
Dated die Martis Julii 27. 1736. Sent from London (Great Britain) to (). Written in Latin.

Doctissimo Viro Carolo Linnaeo
S[alutem] p[lurimam] d[icit]
Cromwell Mortimer.

Si negotia tua permittant, ut ad domum meam venias die Jovis proximo hora 10 matutina, te comitabor ad Societatis RegalisRoyal Society, London,
British. The Royal Society was founded
in Oxford in 1645 and sanctioned as a
royal society in 1662.
aedes, ubi Musaeum tibi monstrabo. D[ominu]s SloaneSloane, Hans (1660-1753).
British. Physician, naturalist and
collector. Secretary of the Royal
Society in 1693, president in 1727.
Sloane’s collections of natural history
objects were donated to the English
nation and were one of cornerstones of
the British Museum (1759). Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
te salutat &, si tibi conveniat, permittet te examinare aliquot Hortos siccos in Musaeo suo die sequenti, scilicet die Veneris proximo hora 3a. post meridiem; si non poteris apud D[omi]n[um] Sloane eo tempore esse fac, ut sciam per epistolam.[1]

Vale, vir dignissime, & meo nomine saluta D[omi]n[um] BiorkBjörk, Tobias (1704-1778).
Swedish. Clergyman. Minister of the
Swedish Church in London in 1735. In
1752 dean of Norrbärke, Dalecarlia.

Londin[i][a][a] : MS1 <London> Londin. die Martis, Julij. 27. 1736, in Kings street Bloomsbury prope D[omi]n[um] Sloane.

[address] For / Dr Linné[b][b] : MS1 <Linneus> Linné at / the Revd Mr / Biork’s minister / of the Sweedish church in / Princes square / near Ratcliff high / way. / Haughton[c][c] : MS1 [added in the right margin
below the address


Cromwell Mortimer invites Linnaeus to his house next Thursday morning. He will accompany Linnaeus to the Royal Society, and show him the museum. On Friday, Hans Sloane will let Linnaeus examine some herbaria in his museum of natural history. If this is not convenient, Linnaeus should inform Mortimer.

Mortimer sends his greetings to Tobias Björk.


a. original holograph (LS, X, 274-275). [1] [2] [3]


MS1 <London> Londin.
MS1 <Linneus> Linné
MS1 [added in the right margin below the address]


Photographs of this letter are in Jackson, “The visit of Carl Linnaeus to England in 1736”Jackson, Benjamin Daydon “The
visit of Carl Linnaeus to England in
1736”, SLÅ (1926), 1-11.
, 7-8. Linnaeus came to Hans Sloane’s residence with a letter of introduction from Herman BoerhaaveBoerhaave, Herman (1668-1738).
Dutch. Professor of medicine, botany and
chemistry at Leiden. One of the most
influential professors of medicine of
the eighteenth century. Linnaeus visited
him during his stay in Holland.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
. This famous letter, dated 18 July 1736, was published in Boerhaave, CorrespondenceBoerhaave, Herman
Correspondence, I-III, ed. G. A.
Lindeboom (Leiden 1962-1979).
, I, 198-199.