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Link: • Johan Frederik Gronovius to Carl Linnaeus, 16 September 1737 n.s.
Dated 16 Sept. 1737.. Sent from Leiden (Netherlands) to Amsterdam (Netherlands). Written in Latin.

Vir Doctissime, Amice colende.

Dolendum quod non audiveris hodie Celeb[errimum] BoerhaviumBoerhaave, Herman (1668-1738).
Dutch. Professor of medicine, botany and
chemistry at Leiden. One of the most
influential professors of medicine of
the eighteenth century. Linnaeus visited
him during his stay in Holland.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
inchoantem collegia sua. Chartas horti Cliffortiani accepi, quae nunc sibi relinquentur, cum, ut antea ad te scripsi,[1] intra duos menses nihil quoad indicem cum ijs agere potero, quia ex America Pensilvaniae plurimas accepi mineras, dein advenit ingens fasciculus plantarum a D[omino] Gesnero missus, quae me ad minimum per duos menses occupabunt.

Utinam perlegendos dedisses mihi characteres tuos, tot in iis male scripta sunt ut vix me extricare queam. Secundam philyram hac occasione mitto. Si bene se habeat, est modo bene. Si male, arduum foret.[2]

Sed in methodo sexuali dividis Didynamiam Gymnospermiam 1. in Corollae labio superiori plano. 2. Dein in Corollae labio nescio quo errore iterum plano. Quaeso prima occasione errorem hunc corrigas.

LawsonLawson, Isaac (?-1747).
British. Scottish botanist and
physician. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
te salutat, et pro Lappone mihi gratissimo gratias ago. Forte redux huc petes Hartecampum, tecum ducas et solvas pictorem.[3] Statim nummos restituam vel ibi apud Te veniam, ut redeas mecum. Alias scribas ex Hartecampo cum qua nave sis adventurus, ero praesto cum famulo ad navem.


J[oannes] F[redericus] Gronovius

16 Sept[embris] 1737.


Herman Boerhaave has started his lectures today; it is a pity that Linnaeus was unable to attend them. Gronovius has received the remaining sheets of Hortus Cliffortianus. However, he will not be able to work on the index for the coming two months as he has received numerous minerals from Pensylvania and a huge collection of plants that was sent to him by Johann Gesner.

There are many instances in the Corollarium generum plantarum which Gronovius is hardly able to decipher. He sends Linnaeus the second printed sheet, and hopes that the result is satisfactory.

Gronovius points out a mistake that has been made in Linnaeus’s Methodus sexualis. The author has divided the “Didynamia gymnospermia” in two categories that bear the same title (“corollae labio superiori plano” twice).

Isaac Lawson sends Linnaeus his greetings. Gronovius is very grateful for the painting of Linnaeus in Lapland garment. He asks his friend whether Linnaeus will pay him a visit in Leiden, bring the painting along with him and collect the money, or whether he should come to the Hartecamp to receive the painting and pay the painter himself. In any case, Linnaeus should let him know what boat he will take to come to Leiden.


a. original holograph (LS, V, 439). [1] [2]


See Gronovius’s letter to Linnaeus of 2 September 1737 n.s.Letter L0208.
The painter mentioned in the letter was Martin HoffmanHoffman, Martin (?-?). German.
Painted the famous portrait of Linnaeus
in Lapp costume.
. See also Gronovius’s letter to Linnaeus of 2 September 1737 n.s.Letter L0208.