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Link: • Adriaan van Royen to Carl Linnaeus, 12 April 1738 n.s.
Dated 12 Aprilis 1738. Sent from Leiden (Netherlands) to Hartecamp (Netherlands). Written in Latin.

Viro Clarissimo
C[arolo] Linnaeo
A[driaan] Van Royen,

Plantas & semina, quas Nob[ilissimi] CliffortiiClifford, George (1685-1760).
Dutch. Banker and merchant in Amsterdam,
Linnaeusís benefactor. Owner of
Hartecamp and its botanical garden
outside Haarlem. Correspondent of
nomine misisti, accepi, debitasque pro iis grates reddo; intererat tamen una vel altera, quam ex foliis aut ligno certo determinare non poteram, forte erit ista, quae una cum Browallia in fictili excrevit, adventu tuo rem facile decidere poteris.

Inclusas, quae ad Te datae sunt, litteras hodie accepi sed unde nescio, cum nullae, quae ad me pertinebant, essent adjectae.

Cl[arissimus] BoerhaaviusBoerhaave, Herman (1668-1738).
Dutch. Professor of medicine, botany and
chemistry at Leiden. One of the most
influential professors of medicine of
the eighteenth century. Linnaeus visited
him during his stay in Holland.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
hodie paullo melius habet, sed per triduum vel quatriduum domi se continere debuit prae increscente continuo pectoris angustia & spiritus ducendi difficultate summa.

Caeterum nihil heic novi:

Quaeso, si tuo id fieri queat commodo, ex rarioribus juxta traditum indicem nonnulla specimina mihi colligas mecumque, ubi veneris, communices. Vale & Nob[ilissimo] Cliffortio, quem plurimum salvere jubeo, meo nomine pro omni humanitatis genere grates persolve.

Leydae ad d[iem] 12 Aprilis 1738

[address] Myn Heer / De Heer Carolus Linnaeus / Med. Doct. &c / ten huize van den WelEd. Heer G. Clifford / op / Hartecamp.


Adriaan van Royen thanks for plants and seeds Linnaeus has sent him in George Cliffordís name. One or two of them he is not able to recognise, but that problem will be easily solved at Linnaeusís next visit.

The letter enclosed was left with Royen by somebody (he does not know who) to be forwarded to Linnaeus. Herman Boerhaave is still ill. Even if his condition has improved, he must stay at home for the next three or four days. He has great respiratory difficulties.

Royen asks Linnaeus to help him get some rare plants on the list he has given to Linnaeus and, if possible, bring them at his next visit. Royen sends his best wishes and heartfelt thanks to Clifford.


a. original holograph (LS, XII, 269-270). [1] [2] [3]