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Link: • Olof Celsius to Carl Linnaeus, 29 May 1739 n.s.
Dated 18 Maji 1739. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


For a long time Olof CelsiusCelsius, Olof (1670-1756).
Swedish. Orientalist and theologian,
professor at Uppsala. Botanist and plant
collector, benefactor of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has been troubled by a pain in his left hip. Now the pain has moved to the right hip; Celsius is hoping that this dolor migratorius will move again and leave him altogether.

Celsius is worried about Björkís [Israel Biörck] health. He has a terrible hacking cough and every morning he brings up a lot of phlegm. It is the more alarming as John TrastTrast, Johan (1700-1739).
Swedish. Chaplain at the Uppsala
recently died with these symptoms. Celsius would be very grateful if Linnaeus could take him on as his patient.

The Catalogue [Celsius refers to his,"Olof Celsius upgifwer tilökning på några örter"Celsius, Olof "Olof Celsius
upgifwer tilökning på
några örter, fundna u Upland,
sedan Catalogus Plantarum Uplandicarum
utgafs år 1732", Acta
societatis regiae scientiarum
] will be finished very soon and sent to Linnaeus. Celsius has found Squamaria and fragrant violets near his summer cowsheds. The leaves and flowers of Rubus humilis or Fragaria fructicans have been found, not far from Uppsala.

Celsius asks Linnaeus to examine the cedar growing near Jacobiís church in the Kingís Garden [Kungsträgården] and then to inform him of Caspar BauhinísBauhin, Caspar (1560-1624).
Swiss. Botanist and physician, Basle.
Bauhinís Prodromus and Pinax
theatri botanici
(1620, 1623, 1671)
were important works in the field of
botanical nomenclature.
and Joseph Pitton de TournefortísTournefort de, Joseph Pitton
(1656-1708). French. Botanist and
explorer, professor of botany at Paris.
synonyms. Celsius can tell from its leaves that it is not a Cedrus Libani.


a. original holograph (LS, III, 30-31). [1] [2] [3]


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