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Link: • Jonas Gunnarsson Kruse to Carl Linnaeus, 20 September 1741 n.s.
Dated 9th9ber 1741. Sent from Alingsås (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in English.

Most nobel & most honnourabel

According to your gracious letter to Mr Berendt Lund, & commands to me, I have the honnour to send heere by, two plants of onobrychis or Saint Foin, one that has shead the seads & has a flower, and one that is not as yet come to the flowering estate. I hope Yow’l be pleased to excuse if they are not in such estate as they should be, since You did order to send them at present; else they should ben layed in recommending me & my affaires in your gracious care, I have the honnour to remain.

Your most humble & obed[ien]t
J[onas] G[unnarsson] Kruse./.

Alingås y 9th
9ber. 1741./.


Linnaeus has written to Bernt [Berendt] LundhLundh, Bernt (c. 1698-1776).
Swedish. Tobacco spinner,
[this letter has not come down to us] and asked him to contact Jonas Gunnarsson KruseKruse, Jonas Gunnarsson
(1697-1742). Swedish. Studies abroad
(Germany England and the Netherlands)
at the expense of Jonas Alströmer
from the late 1729´s. MD at
Harderwijk in 1737. Physician and
curator of Alströmer´s
plantations in Alingsås.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
for a delivery of some plants. Kruse is now contacting Linnaeus to inform him that two plants of Onobrychis, or Saint Foin, are on their way. One has shed its seeds and has one flower, the other has not flowered yet. Kruse is sorry if they are not in a perfect state, but Linnaeus did want them immediately.


a. original holograph (LS, VIII, 307-308). [1] [2] [3]