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Link: • François Boissier de La Croix de Sauvages to Carl Linnaeus, 23 June 1741 n.s.
Dated 25 junii 1741. Sent from Montpellier (France) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Samuel WalleyWalley, Samuel British?.
Captain of the ship Italia.
, captain of the Italia, has received a parcel from François Boissier de La Croix de SauvagesSauvages, François Boissier de
La Croix de
(1706-1767). French.
Botanist and clergyman and physician,
professor in medicine at Montpellier.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
containing medical tracts. He has promised to deliver it to Linnaeus within the month.

Sauvages is constantly studying Genera plantarum, indispensable to him, as all botanists. Sauvages has received Florae Leydensis ProdromusRoyen, Adriaan van Florae
Leydensis Prodromus, exhibens plantas
quae in horto academico Lugduno-Batavo
(Leiden 1740).
by Adriaan van RoyenRoyen, Adriaan van (1705-1779).
Dutch. Professor of botany, director of
the botanical garden of Leiden.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
. He is pleased to find there Linnaeus’s “marvellous epithets”, in comparison with which the Bauhinian [Caspar BauhinBauhin, Caspar (1560-1624).
Swiss. Botanist and physician, Basle.
Bauhin’s Prodromus and Pinax
theatri botanici
(1620, 1623, 1671)
were important works in the field of
botanical nomenclature.
] and Tournefortian [Joseph Pitton Tournefort deTournefort de, Joseph Pitton
(1656-1708). French. Botanist and
explorer, professor of botany at Paris.
] names seem absurd. He asks Linnaeus to send him Hortus CliffortianusLinnaeus, Carl Hortus
Cliffortianus, plantas exhibens quas in
hortis tam vivis quam siccis Hartecampi
in Hollandia coluit [...] Georgius
(Amsterdam 1737). Soulsby
no. 328.
and other recent works.

Jean-François SéguierSéguier, Jean François
(1703-1784). French. Antiquarian
and botanist, Nimes. Correspondent of
has published Bibliotheca botanicaSéguier, Jean François
Bibliotheca botanica, sive
Catalogus auctorum et librorum omnium
qui de re botanica, de medicamentis ex
vegetabilibus paratis, de re rustica,
& de horticultura tractant, a
Joanne-Francisco Seguiero Neumasense
digestus. Accessit Bibliotheca botanica
Jo. Ant. Bumaldi, seu potius Ovidii
Montalbani Bononiensis
(The Hague
, a very learned work. Herein are included the results Linnaeus presented in his study of the same name [Sauvages refers to the Bibliotheca botanicaLinnaeus, Carl Bibliotheca
botanica recensens libros plus mille de
plantis huc usque editos, secundum
systema auctorum naturale in classes,
ordines, genera & species
dispositos, additis editionis loco,
tempore, forma, lingua etc. cum
explicatione Fundamentorum botanicorum
pars prima
(Amsterdam 1736).
], “a work small in size but gigantic in undertaking and dignity”.


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