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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Carl Fredrik Mennander, 30 October 1743 n.s.
Dated 19. Oct. 1743.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Åbo (Finland). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus thanks Carl Fredrik MennanderMennander, Carl Fredrik
(1712-1786). Swedish. Archbishop and
scientist. As bishop of Åbo he
promoted science. A new chair in
chemistry, a laboratory, a botanical
garden were founded at his initiative. A
close friend of Linnaeus. Husband of
Ulrica Mennander and Johanna Magdalena
Mennander. Father of Carl Fredric
Fredenheim. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
for his letter [this letter has not come down to us] and is pleased to hear that Mennander has recovered.

Linnaeus writes that he has written to Mennander’s agentMennander’s agent, Swedish.
Carl Fredrik Mennander´s agent in
Stockholm, for example Johan Rozir.
in Stockholm [Johan RozirRozir, Johan (1709-1789).
Swedish. Officer, politician, president
of the Svea Court of Appeal and the
Attorney General.
] and Linnaeus is convinced that the agent has been in contact with Mennander with information.

Linnaeus informs Mennander that he was convinced that all his friends would vote for Mennander, but that he has found out that they were only voting for Mennander in order to expel Olof Abraham BurmanBurman, Olof Abraham
(1709-1759). Swedish. Professor,
librarian at Uppsala. Clergyman at
: Johan IhreIhre, Johan (1707-1780).
Swedish. Philologist. Professor of Latin
and later of eloquence and political
science at Uppsala.
, Eckerman [Petrus EkermanEkerman, Petrus (1696-1783).
Swedish. Eloquentiae professor, Uppsala.
], Gabriel MathesiusMathesius, Gabriel (1705-1772).
Swedish. Professor of theology,
, Vlen [Petrus UllénUllén, Petrus
(1700-1747). Swedish. Professor of
philosophy and theology, Uppsala.
], Berge FrondinFrondin, Berge (1718-1783).
Swedish. Doctor of history and political
science at Uppsala. Librarian at the
university library.
, Anders GrönvallGrönvall, Anders
(1671-1758). Swedish. Professor of
ethics and political science at Uppsala.
, Nils Rosén von RosensteinRosén von Rosenstein, Nils
(1706-1773). Swedish. Physician
and professor of medicine. Colleague of
Linnaeus at Uppsala. The founder of
modern pediatrics. Correspondent of
, Mattias AspAsp, Mattias (1696-1763).
Swedish. Dean, and professor of
theology, Uppsala. Father of Petrus Asp
and Maria Catharina Moman, father-in-law
of Jonas Moman.
, Anders WinbomWinbom, Anders (1687-1745).
Swedish. Professor of theology, Uppsala.
, Erik MelanderMelander, Erik (1682-1745).
Swedish. Professor of theology, Uppsala.
voted for Lars HydrénHydrén, Lars
(1694-1789). Swedish. Professor of
poetry 1744 and of theology 1753,
Uppsala. Dean at the Uppsala cathedral
1764. Father of Anna Catharina Waldius
and father-in-law of Erik Waldius.
, Julin [Peter JulinskiöldJulinskiöld, Peter
(1709-1768). Swedish. Treasurer of
Uppsala University. 
], and Mennander. Anders CelsiusCelsius, Anders (1701-1744).
Swedish. Professor of astronomy,
Uppsala. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Samuel KlingenstiernaKlingenstierna, Samuel
(1698-1765). Swedish. Physicist and
mathematician, professor of experimental
physics at Uppsala. Correspondent of
, Anders BerchBerch, Anders (1711-1774).
Swedish. Professor of economics,
, Daniel SolanderSolander, Daniel (1707-1786).
Swedish. Professor of Law, Uppsala.
Married to Anna Margareta Solander.
Brother of Carl Solander and uncle to
Daniel Solander. Correspondent of
, Magnus BeroniusBeronius, Magnus Olai
(1692-1775). Swedish. Professor of
theology, Uppsala. Bishop of Kalmar in
1745, archbishop in 1764.
, Olof CelsiusCelsius, Olof (1716-1794).
Swedish. Bishop, historian, politician.
voted for Hydrén, Julin, Burman. Linnaeus voted for Julin, Mennander, Burman. The outcome of the voting was: Julin got 17 votes and was the first choice, Hydrén got 16 votes and was the second choice and Mennander got 11 votes and was third choice. Burman got 7 votes and was expelled.

Linnaeus states that Julin and Hydrén are now in Stockholm and Mennander is in Åbo. Linnaeus writes that Burman will appeal against the result, and that the final result will not be published before Christmas. Linnaeus writes that he finds it amusing to be asked by his friends to vote for Mennander. However, in the end they were very disappointed with the result as they had wanted Hydrén to be first choice.

Linnaeus speculates about the outcome of Burman’s appeal and writes that if he had know this he had never advised Mennander to leave Stockholm.

Linnaeus asks Mennander to send his regards to Herman Diedric SpöringSpöring the Elder, Herman
(1701-1747). Swedish.
Professor of medicine at Åbo in
1728. Father of Herman Diedric
Spöring the Younger.


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