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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Sten Carl Bielke, 15 April 1744 n.s.
Dated 1744 d. 4 April.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to St Petersburg (Russia). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus thanks Sten Carl BielkeBielke, Sten Carl (1709-1753).
Swedish. Baron, government official,
patron of science, and naturalist. One
of the founders of the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences. Private pupil of
Linnaeus. Close friend of Pehr Kalm,
whose voyage to America he supported
financially. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
for a letter [28 February 1744Letter L0536], for seeds and Johann Georg GmelinísGmelin, Johann Georg
(1709-1755). German. Voyager, botanist
and chemist. At the initiative of
empress Anna of Russia he spent ten
years (1733-1743) exploring Siberia. In
1749 he became professor of botany and
chemistry at Tübingen. Together
with his nephew Samuel Gottlieb he wrote
Flora Sibirica (1747-1769).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.

Linnaeus does not believe that Anandria is without stamens.

He wants Bielke to get seeds from Siberia for him, so that he can actually see them.

He wants Bielke to find out if Abram EnsEns, Abram (?-1770). Dutch.
Doctor of medicine at Leiden and
Utrecht, later in Russia.
, has returned from Leiden. His parents live in St Petersburg.

He wants to know how Johann Georg SiegesbeckSiegesbeck, Johann Georg
(1686-1755). German. Prussian botanist,
doctor of medicine at Wittenberg in
1716, physician and director of the
botanical garden at St Petersburg
1735-1747. One of the most bitter
opponents of Linnaeusís sexual system.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is and asks Bielke to see to it that Pehr KalmKalm, Pehr (1716-1779).
Swedish. Botanist and traveller,
professor of natural history at
Åbo. Disciple of Linnaeus.
Travelled in North America 1748-1751.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
does not attend his lectures too much so that he might get influenced by heresian thoughts and infect all Swedish fanatics .

He wants to know what succulents are to be found in the Botanical garden in St. Petersburg? Is the banana to be found there? Are there many species of Euphorbiae, Kleiniae etc?

He asks Bielke to greet Kalm very much. There is a vacancy in Åbo after Johan WelinWelin, John (?-1744). Swedish.
Professor in logics and metaphysics,
Åbo, Finland.
, which would make it easier for Kalm to get in.

Fredrik SparreSparre, Fredrik (1731-1803).
Swedish. Count. Councillor. Nephew to
Carl Gustaf Tessin. Correspondent of
just brought me the letters, to avoid to postpone his letter-writing Linnaeus writes this very hastily.

Judge of Appeal Lars EhrenstamEhrenstam, Lars (1681-1744).
Swedish. Judge of Appeal in the Svea
Court of Appeal.
has died.


a. copy (UUB).


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