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Link: • Carl August von Bergen to Carl Linnaeus, 15 July 1744 n.s.
Dated 15 Jul. 1744. Sent from Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany) to (). Written in Latin.


Carl August von BergenBergen, Carl August von
(1704-1759). German. Doctor of
medicine. Professor of botany and
anatomy, later of pathology and therapy,
Frankfurt/Oder. Correspondent of
had sent Linnaeus a number of printed publications about eight months earlier. He had not heard from Linnaeus that they had reached him, but he had recently been informed that they had been held up in Stettin all the winter. Bergen hopes that they have eventually reached Linnaeus and that Linnaeus had found something of interest in them. Bergen hoped that Linnaeus did not mind that Bergen had sent him some works by younger botanists, which he did not know if Linnaeus had in his library. There are not very many scholars of that kind in Germany, so Bergen had sent these works just to keep Linnaeus informed of what is going on. Bergen wants to know if Linnaeus would like him to continue. There is great interest in electrical phenomena, and time will show if it has any impact on human life. Andreas Ottomar GoelickeGoelicke, Andreas Ottomar
(1670-1744). German. Professor of
practical medicine, Frankfurt an der
had just died, and according to the usual procedure, Bergen would succeed him as professor of medicine. Bergen is rather sure that Johann Friedrich CartheuserCartheuser, Johann Friedrich
(1704-1777). German. Professor of
medicine and botany at Frankfurt an der
Oder. Father of Friedrich August
will succeed him in anatomy and botany. However, it is not clear if the care of the university garden is to remain with Bergen or not. Bergen leaves it to Linnaeus to be the judge of his merits as curator of that garden, which three years before had had very little to offer. Bergen stresses how pleased he is that this contact and exchange with Linnaeus exists, and he hopes it will continue and even become more lively. Bergen sends a copy of a catalogue of the Frankfurt garden [Catalogus stirpium indigenarum aeque ac exterarum quas hortus medicus Academiae Viadrinae complectiturBergen, Carl August von
Catalogus stirpium indigenarum aeque
ac exterarum quas hortus medicus
Academiae Viadrinae complectitur in quo
praeter selecta synonyma generum,
specierum, et varietum limitationes ad
mentem recentissimorum rei herbariae
scriptorum excutiuntur
(Frankfurt an
der Oder, 1744).
], which he had been working at for a long time although not very diligently since many other things had taken his time. Bergen asks Linnaeus to point out any mistakes, and to let him have any other comment he might have on the catalogue.


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