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Link: • Sten Carl Bielke to Carl Linnaeus, 16 January 1745 n.s.
Dated 5 jan 1745.. Sent from Åbo (Finland) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Sten Carl BjelkeBielke, Sten Carl (1709-1753).
Swedish. Baron, government official,
patron of science, and naturalist. One
of the founders of the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences. Private pupil of
Linnaeus. Close friend of Pehr Kalm,
whose voyage to America he supported
financially. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
writes to Linnaeus that problems are coming up. Last week he received a letter from Johann Gottfried HeinzelmannHeinzelmann, Johann Gottfried
(?-?). German. Botanist. Travelled in
eastern Russia.
[an extract from this letter is quoted from German], saying that Johann Georg SiegesbeckSiegesbeck, Johann Georg
(1686-1755). German. Prussian botanist,
doctor of medicine at Wittenberg in
1716, physician and director of the
botanical garden at St Petersburg
1735-1747. One of the most bitter
opponents of Linnaeus’s sexual system.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is very upset and has complained over Linnaeus, who, he claims, has sent among the seeds a parcel labelled Cuculus ingratus, which he named Siegesbeckia in the Hortus CliffortianusLinnaeus, Carl Hortus
Cliffortianus, plantas exhibens quas in
hortis tam vivis quam siccis Hartecampi
in Hollandia coluit [...] Georgius
(Amsterdam 1737). Soulsby
no. 328.
. Siegesbeck has taken offense of that and has decided that he will have no more Swedish correspondence and therefore begs people to turn to others than Johann Georg GmelinGmelin, Johann Georg
(1709-1755). German. Voyager, botanist
and chemist. At the initiative of
empress Anna of Russia he spent ten
years (1733-1743) exploring Siberia. In
1749 he became professor of botany and
chemistry at Tübingen. Together
with his nephew Samuel Gottlieb he wrote
Flora Sibirica (1747-1769).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
. It is a shame that this happens now when Linnaeus could have a lot of help from him, mainly when Georg Wilhelm StellerSteller, Georg Wilhelm
(1709-1746). German. Voyager, who
sailed with Vitus Bering and returned
with important collections from
soon is supposed to to return with a good collection of seeds and natural history specimens from Kamchatka, America and the Japanese islands.

Bielke has already replied to Siegesbeck that he himself is innocent, and further more, he has told a half-lie, saying that Linnaeus was not at home when the seeds were sent, but the gardener is supposed to have written the text on the label. Bielke is rather worried, and he is afraid that this will cause problems as to other expected items to their collections. Bielke is therefore in need of instructions about how to handle the situation, especially when Steller arrives, but also as to the daily receptions of seeds from China, Sibiria and Tataria which usually are sent directly to Siegesbeck.


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