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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Claes Ekeblad, 7 May 1745 n.s.
Dated 26 april 1745. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to ? (). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus acknowledges Claes EkebladísEkeblad, Claes (1708-1771).
Swedish. Count, councillor, chancellor
of Åbo University. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
love of all that is good, both for science and for Linnaeus himself, and thanks Ekeblad for the large donation to the Uppsala University Botanical Garden of beautiful seeds from France.

Linnaeus notes that Ekeblad has no more of this kind but hopes that Ekeblad will remain in France for some time yet.

Linnaeus remarks that Carl Fredrik SchefferScheffer, Carl Fredrik
(1715-1786). Swedish. Count, diplomat,
politician and councillor. Tutor to the
Swedish crown prince Gustav. Influenced
by the physiocrats in France. Brother of
Ulrik Scheffer. Correspondent of
had never offered so much as a single seed despite all the promises he made in the presence of Carl HårlemanHårleman, Carl
(1700-1753). Swedish. Nobleman,
architect, royal superintendent.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
; Linnaeus hopes to retain Ekeblad for many years to come so that Linnaeus can expect a new package annually.

Linnaeus concludes by mentioning that during the summer he plans to present the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences [Kungliga Svenska VetenskapsakademienKungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademien,
Swedish. The Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences, Stockholm. Founded
in 1739.
] with an amusing observation, that everyone will thank Ekeblad for.



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