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Link: • Peter Christian Wagner to Carl Linnaeus, 14 January 1746 n.s.
Dated XIV. Januarij 1746.. Sent from Bayreuth (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Peter Christian WagnerWagner, Peter Christian
(1703-1764). German. Physician in
Bayreuth. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
complains that he has sent Linnaeus a letter [Wagner to Linnaeus, 4 April 1744Letter L0553] and a parcel via Berlin and Stockholm with seeds in the spring of 1744 but he has received no answer. Wagner had addressed the parcel to Carl GyllenborgGyllenborg, Carl (1679-1746).
Swedish. Chancellor of Uppsala
University and Lund University. Chancery
President (Kanslipresident) at the
Swedish Government Offices (Kungliga
Kanslikollegium) in 1738. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
and had it handed over to the Swedish royal legate in Berlin. Wagner wants to know whether Linnaeus has received the parcel and, if so, whether the plants have produced seeds in the northern climate. Wagners sends Linnaeus a list of the seeds that he has collected during the years 1744-1745. He promises to send what Linnaeus desires.

Wagner would like to receive minerals and stones, seeds of the Lapland plants, marine plants and also Conchylia from the northern areas.

Janus PlancusPlancus, Janus (pseud. for Giovanni
(1693-1775). Italian.
Naturalist and physician. Professor of
Anatomy at Siena.
from Rimini is Professor of Anatomy at Siena and a very good friend of Wagner’s. The previous year Plancus published a new edition of Fabio Colonna’sColonna, Fabio (1567-1650).
Italian. Botanist, painter and engraver.
PhytobasanosColonna, Fabio Phytobasanos
[...] Cui accessit vita Fabi et
lynceorum notitia adnotationesque in
Phytobasanos Jano planeo Ariminensis

(Florence 1744).
in Florence. Plancus has also promised an edition of the rest of Colonna’s works. Phytobasanos can be had for three florins.

P.S. There is a list of 551 plants of which Wagner has collected seeds in 1744-1745.


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