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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Carl Gustaf Tessin, 21 June 1746 n.s.
Dated 1746 d. 10 junii. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to ? (). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus writes to Carl Gustaf TessinTessin, Carl Gustaf
(1695-1770). Swedish. Count, important
politician and patron of science and
art. He supported Swedish artists and
scientists and collected art, books and
natural history objects. He assisted
Linnaeusís career in many ways. Married
to Lovisa Ulrica Tessin. Uncle to
Fredrik Sparre. Correspondent of
to thank him for supporting the 1741 Swedish Parliamentís [Sveriges Riksdag] decision to make it possible for Linnaeus to make a journey to Kinne Kulle, Hunneberg, Hall and the Swedish west coast.

Linnaeus writes that he should have started his journey earlier but it has been impossible for him to leave Uppsala.

Linnaeus asks Tessin to address any letter to him, from Tessin himself or from the Office of Manufactures [Riksens Manufactur ContoirOffice of Manufactures [Riksens
Manufactur Contoir],
The Office of Manufactures was
established in 1739 by the Swedish
Parliament [Sveriges Riksdag] to produce
useful products. At the same time was
also set up a special fond for
manufacturing. The office was closed in
1766 and the data were taken over by the
National Board of Trade in Sweden
], to Ahlström [Jonas AlströmerAlströmer, Jonas
(1685-1761). Swedish. Industrialist.
One of the founders of the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences in 1739. The same
year Head of the Royal Board of Trade in
Sweden [Kommerskollegium]. Father of
August, Clas, Johan and Patrick
Alströmer. Correspondent of
], head of division at the National Board of Trade in Sweden [KommerskollegiumKommerskollegium, Swedish.
The history of the National Board of
Trade in Sweden dates back to 1651.


a. original holograph (RA, Tessinska samlingen, Brev till C. G. Tessin, bunt 17, E 5731). [1] [2] [3]