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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Sten Carl Bielke, 25 November 1746 n.s.
Dated 1746 Nov. 14.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus writes to Sten Carl BielkeBielke, Sten Carl (1709-1753).
Swedish. Baron, government official,
patron of science, and naturalist. One
of the founders of the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences. Private pupil of
Linnaeus. Close friend of Pehr Kalm,
whose voyage to America he supported
financially. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
that he has met Pehr KalmKalm, Pehr (1716-1779).
Swedish. Botanist and traveller,
professor of natural history at
Åbo. Disciple of Linnaeus.
Travelled in North America 1748-1751.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.

Kalm did not like the project Linnaeus suggested and Linnaeus did not like Kalm’s suggested project.

Kalm will present this to Bielke for his reconsideration, but so far Linnaeus has not received an answer.

Linnaeus writes that Bielke has always supported him and that he still supports Kalm’s journey although he has been advised not to send any applications for the present. Linnaeus asks Bielke to continue to work in favour of Kalm’s journey.

Linnaeus looks forward to meeting Bielke at Löfstad.


a. original holograph (KVA, Carl von Linnés arkiv). [1] [2] [3]


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