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Link: • Carl August von Bergen to Carl Linnaeus, 16 March 1747 n.s.
Dated XVI. Martii. 1747. Sent from Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Carl August von BergenBergen, Carl August von
(1704-1759). German. Doctor of
medicine. Professor of botany and
anatomy, later of pathology and therapy,
Frankfurt/Oder. Correspondent of
answers Linnaeus’s mail of 10 October 1746Letter L0727 by return of the same mail. Bergen would like the same person who brought this letter to continue to act as an intermediary. Bergen had never received the letter that Linnaeus says he wrote at the beginning of the spring [this letter has not come down to us]. Bergen would be glad to receive copies of Linnaeus’s travel reports, even if they are in Swedish, and also Flora ZeylanicaLinnaeus, Carl Flora
Zeylanica; sistens plantas Indicas
Zeylonae insulae, quae olim 1670-1677,
lectae fuere a Paulo Hermanno [...]
demum post 70 annos ab Augusto
Günthero [...] orbi redditae

(Stockholm,1747). Soulsby no. 420.
. Bergen admits that he has seen the rhinoceros but not so well that he would be prepared to make a formal description of it, and in view of his short experience in natural history, he would be satisfied to present it in a lecture to the Frankfurt academy [Bergen published his speech, Oratio de rhinocerote, etc.Bergen, Carl August von
Oratio de rhinocerote, etc.
(Frankfurt an der Oder, 1746).
]. Bergen does not know the literature published by James DouglasDouglas, James (1675-1742).
British. Physician, anatomist and
naturalist, London.
and mentioned by Linnaeus.

Bergen thanks Linnaeus for the books he received, especially for Musa CliffortianaLinnaeus, Carl Musa
Cliffortiana florens Hartecampi 1736
prope Harlemum
(Leiden 1736).
. Bergen sends some dissertations from his and other German universities. Bergen specifically asks Linnaeus to send him some dissertations that he knows would interest JansonJanson, Swedish?. , who will be travelling more times between Uppsala and Frankfurt, namely Disputationem botanico-medicam inauguralem qua Ficus, ejusque historia naturalis & medica exhibeturLinnaeus, Carl and Groenvald’s [Anders Grönvall’sGrönvall, Anders
(1671-1758). Swedish. Professor of
ethics and political science at Uppsala.
] Argenti fodinae ut et urbis Salanae succincta delineatioGrönvall, Anders Argenti
fodinae ut et urbis Salanae succincta
, diss., resp. P. O.
Wollenius (Uppsala, 1725).
. He also asks for a copy of Hortus UpsaliensisLinnaeus, Carl Hortus
, resp. S. Nauclér
(Upsala, 1745). Soulsby no. 1424.
. Lastly, Bergen mentions some works that Janson would be ready to pay for, so he asks if Jens Lauridsen Wolf’sWolf, Jens Lauridsen Danish.
, Norrigia IllustrataWolf, Jens Lauridsen
Norrigia Illustrata, eller Noriges
med sine underliggende Lande oc
Øer [...] Beskriffvelse
, etc.
(Copenhagen, 1651).
and [Christoph Steinkühl] Peder Claussön Friis’Friis, Peder Claussön
Topographia NorwegiaeFriis, Peder Claussön
Topographia Norwegiae. : Das ist
eigentliche Beschreibung des
Königreichs Norwegen [...] (1685)
, are available. Bergen would also like to receive samples of Nordic shells, fossils and minerals, if Linnaeus has duplicates, and he is willing to send samples from his country in exchange. Johann Gottlieb GleditschGleditsch, Johann Gottlieb
(1714-1786). German. Botanist and
sylviculturist in Berlin, disciple of
Anton Wilhelm Platz and Johann Ernst
Hebenstreit, supervisor of Caspar Bose’s
garden 1731-1735, professor at the
Collegium Medico-Chirurgicum in 1746.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has got the dissertations that Linnaeus had asked Bergen to forward, but Bergen has not yet received confirmation from Gleditsch.


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