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Link: • Georgij Akinfievich Demidov to Carl Linnaeus, 26 February 1748 n.s.
Dated . Sent from St Petersburg (Russia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in German.


Georgij Akinfievich DemidovDemidov, Georgij Akinfievich
(1715-1761). Russian. Father of
Alexandr Grigorevich Demidov, Pavel
Grigorevich Demidov and Petr Grigorevich
Demidov. Son of Akinfiy Nikitich
Demidiv. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
knows Linnaeus not only through his works, mentioned by several people, but also through the late Georg Wilhelm StellerSteller, Georg Wilhelm
(1709-1746). German. Voyager, who
sailed with Vitus Bering and returned
with important collections from
, who some years previously had been sent, by the Imperial Academy of Sciences of St Petersburg, Imperatorskaja akademija naukImperatorskaja akademija nauk,
Imperial Academy of Sciences

Russian. Imperial Academy of Sciences of
St Petersburg, founded in 1725. Its
publications are Commentarii
Academiae Scientiarum Imperialis
, 1-14 (1726 -
1744/1746 [i.e. pub. 1728 - 1751]) and
Novi Commentarii Academiae
Scientiarum Imperialis
, 1-20 (1747/1748 -
1775 [i.e. pub. 1750 - 1776]).
, to Kamtschatka on a natural history expedition. Demidov has laid out a garden with foreign and Russian plants at his house in Solikamsk. Together with Steller, Demidov had visited the mountains of Werchotursk at the Chusovaia River and other places in Siberia where they had collected plants. Steller had also shared his other plants with Demidov. The previous year Demidov collected seeds from his Siberian plants. He can therefore send seeds of sixty-two species to Linnaeus. He had hoped to be able to send seeds from Siberia, Kamtschatka, and Tartary, but some did not grow, etc., but he will later send some more. In return Demidov would like to receive American, African and other unusual seeds from Linnaeus. He intends to order the most famous of Linnnaeusís works from Hamburg. Those that cannot be had in Hamburg, will be obtained from Amsterdam. Since Linnaeusís works that have been published at Uppsala University cannot be obtained anywhere else, Demidov would be happy if Linnaeus sent the ones that deal with the botanical system. Demidov promises to pay for the works through the merchants Niepers & HasenfeldersNiepers & Hasenfelders,
Russian. Merchants, St Petersburg.
in St Petersburg, who will send on the money to William MastersMasters, William British.
Merchant, Stockholm.
in Stockholm. Linnaeus should also send his letter through William Masters. He should, however, write the address in German, otherwise it cannot be forwarded correctly. Demidov sends a piece of canvas of the stone asbestos, which was made in Siberia, and a magnet. He also sends a cutting from a plant growing at his estate; it resembles a Juniperus.


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