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Link: • Abraham Arfwedson to Carl Linnaeus, 18 March 1748 n.s.
Dated 7 mars 1748. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Abraham ArfwedsonArfwedson, Abraham (1698-1779).
Swedish. Merchant, Stockholm.Together
with his brother Jacob Arfwedson owner
of the trading-firm, Arfwedson. Father
of Carl Christoffer Arfwedson. Brother
of Arfwed Arfwedson and Peter Arfwedson.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
writes to Linnaeus to tell him that he has received seeds from his brothers in Lisbon [Arfwed ArfwedsonArfwedson, Arfwed (1701-1756).
Swedish. Swedish consul in Lisbon.
Together with his brother Peter
Arfwedson part-owner of the trading firm
Arfwedson, Gebroeder & Co in Lisbon.
Brother of Abraham Arfwedson and Jacob
and Peter Arfwedson Arfwedson, Peter (1703-?).
Swedish. Merchant, first in Hamburg,
later together with his brother Arfwed
Arfwedson part-owner of the trading firm
Arfwedson, Gebroeder & Co in Lisbon.
Thereafter merchant in Stockholm and
owner of an estate in the county of
Uppland. Brother of Abraham Arfwedson
and Jacob Arfwedson.
]. The name of the plant is herva de Prata (Silverört) in Portugese. The plants need to be planted in sun and warmth and they need to be replanted when they start to produce branches. Each plant needs 5 – 6 quarters space, and they are best planted in pots that can be moved indoors during cold nights. Arfwedson says that the plant looks like candied sugar or silver. He writes that he has received a limited number of seeds and he can only enclose 1/3 of them. This might be enough for more than 100 gardens. Arfwedson asks Linnaeus to kindly send some seeds to Sten Carl BielkeBielke, Sten Carl (1709-1753).
Swedish. Baron, government official,
patron of science, and naturalist. One
of the founders of the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences. Private pupil of
Linnaeus. Close friend of Pehr Kalm,
whose voyage to America he supported
financially. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
as he lives close to Uppsala and Arfwedson has not got his address.

Arfwedson asks Linnaeus to ask Carl AspAsp, Carl (1710-1782).
Swedish. Professor of logic and
metaphysics, Uppsala.
if he received a large “Brasilisk Röhr” last autumn and asks Linnaeus to ask Asp to give it to him as a memorial gift to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences [Kungliga Svenska VetenskapsakademienKungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademien,
Swedish. The Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences, Stockholm. Founded
in 1739.
, from the Arfwedson brothers. He writes that whenever he receives something of interest he will send it to Linnaeus.


a. (UUB).