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Link: • Colin Campbell to Carl Linnaeus, 26 September 1748 n.s.
Dated 15 Septbr. 1748.. Sent from Göteborg (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Colin CampbellCampbell, Colin (1686-1757).
Swedish. Nobleman of Scottish origin.
One of the directors of the Swedish East
India Company, part-owner of the
Imperial East India Company at Ostende.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is pleased to know, from Linnaeus’s letter dated 5th of September 1748 O.S.,16 September N.S. [this letter has not come down to us], that the seeds sent by the Duke of Argyl [Archibald CampbellCampbell, Archibald
(1682-1761). British. 3rd Duke of
Argyll. Statesman.
] have arrived. Now, Colin Campbell is sending more seeds with a young student, Andreas JanssonJansson, Anders (d. 1770).
Swedish. Student at the Uppsala
university from 1748.
, who is in the service of the Duke. Campbell asks Linnaeus to share them with Sten Carl BielkeBielke, Sten Carl (1709-1753).
Swedish. Baron, government official,
patron of science, and naturalist. One
of the founders of the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences. Private pupil of
Linnaeus. Close friend of Pehr Kalm,
whose voyage to America he supported
financially. Correspondent of Linnaeus.

Andreas Jansson is also bringing seeds of 44 species, recently received from China and presented in a list [fol. 3r]. There will also be a selection of the seeds of the tea plant.

If Linnaeus should like more seeds from England, John MitchellMitchell, John (1711-1768).
British/American. Physician and
botanist. Born in Virginia. After
studies in medicine at the University of
Edinburgh he returned to Virginia as a
physician, but left America for London
in 1746. Famous for his map of eastern
North-America, known as the Mitchell
Map, first published in 1755.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in London has promised to provide them.

P.S. Anders Jansson is going to start university studies in Uppsala. He has some experience as a private tutor, and in this capacity he can be recommended to Linnaeus’s friends.


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