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Link: • Peter Collinson to Carl Linnaeus, 21 March 1748 n.s.
Dated March 10, 1747-48. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.


Peter CollinsonCollinson, Peter (1694-1768).
British. Merchant and amateur naturalist
in London, corresponded with many
scientists. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
thanks Linnaeus for books and seeds that Linnaeus has sent him.

Collinson thanks him especially for Hortus UpsaliensisLinnaeus, Carl Hortus
, resp. S. Nauclér
(Upsala, 1745). Soulsby no. 1424.
where he sees how every part of the Uppsala University Botanical Garden is disposed and designed to preserve the plants of a very special type of climate.

Collinson hopes that Linnaeus will be pleased by the seeds he is sending through Johan Henrik BurmesterBurmester, Johan Henrik
(1720-1770). Swedish. Professor of
economics, later of eloquence and poetry
at Lund. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
[Burmester to Linnaeus, 1 April 1748Letter L0887], who is very eager to be useful to his country. Collinson could have sent more seeds, if the French had not taken some ships under way from North America.

Collinson encloses some treatises, and he is ready to send more if Linnaeus understands English. He asks Linnaeus to forward one by James LoganLogan, James (1674-1751).
American. Governor of
Pennsylvania.William Penn´s
secretary. Amateur naturalist and
scientist. Published works on astronomy,
botany and optics. Correspondent of
to Gyllenborg [presumably Henning Adolph GyllenborgGyllenborg, Henning Adolph
(1713-1775). Swedish. Count,
councillor. Student at Uppsala and
member of the Royal Swedish Academy of
Sciences. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
], whom he has known as a great patron of natural history.

Collinson hopes that Linnaeus received the letter [Collinson to Linnaeus, 6 November 1747Letter L0840] he sent him through Johan SandinSandin, Johan (?-1748).
Swedish. Clergyman in New Jersey.
Husband of Anna Margareta Sandin in her
first marriage.

Collinson asks when Linnaeus’s report of the journey to Öland and Gotland Öländska och gothländska resaLinnaeus, Carl
Öländska och
Gothländska Resa på Riksens
högloflige ständers befallning
förrättad åhr 1741. Med
anmärkningar uti oeconomien,
natural-historien, antiquiteter &c
med åtskillige figurer

(Stockholm & Uppsala 1745). Soulsby
no. 202.
will be published in Holland. [There was an edition in Holland, but that was not published until 1770, Reizen van [...] Karel Linnaeus [..] door eenige landschappen van ZweedenLinnaeus, Carl Reizen van
[...] Karel Linnéus [..] door
eenige landschappen van Zweeden, op
bevel der loffelyke stenden des
koningrycks verricht. Eerste deel.
Bevattende OEland en Gothland

(Dordrecht, 1770). Soulsby no. 208.

P.S. Collinson tells that Hans SloaneSloane, Hans (1660-1753).
British. Physician, naturalist and
collector. Secretary of the Royal
Society in 1693, president in 1727.
Sloane’s collections of natural history
objects were donated to the English
nation and were one of cornerstones of
the British Museum (1759). Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
is in good health for his age.


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