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Link: • Balthazar Johan Buchwald to Carl Linnaeus, 4 January 1749 n.s.
Dated 4 Januar: 1749. Sent from København (Denmark) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Balthazar Johan BuchwaldBuchwald, Balthazar Johan
(1697-1763). Danish. Professor of
medicine, Copenhagen. Translator.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
thanks Linnaeus for the letter of 1 November 1748 [this letter has not come down to us]. He had meant to answer earlier but he had been ill. Buchwald expresses his regrets that the specimen of Musa had been damaged by the cold, due to negligence from the gardener whom he always had found to be careful and honest. If Linnaeus needs another specimen, Buchwald is ready to send him one in the summer. Buchwald gives the full title of his German version of his father’s [Johannes de BuchwaldBuchwald, Johannes de
(1658-1738). Dutch. Surgeon and
physician, professor in Copenhagen.
] medical work [Johannis de Buchwald Specimen medico-practico-botanicum, oder kurtze und deutliche ErklärungBuchwald, Johannes de
Johannis de Buchwald Specimen
medico-practico-botanicum, oder kurtze
und deutliche Erklärung, derer in
der Medicin gebräuchlichsten und in
Dännemarck wachsenden
Erd-Gewächse, Pflantzen und
Kräuter […]
, transl. by B. J.
de Buchwald (Copenhagen, 1721).
], which was mentioned in his former letter [Buchwald to Linnaeus, 10 November 1748Letter L0974]. There are only a few copies left due to a fire in Copenhagen in the 1720’s. On behalf of , Christian HorrebowHorrebow, Christian
(1718-1776). Danish. Professor of
astronomy, Danish cabinet minister,
Copenhagen. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Buchwald asks Linnaeus to send him a copy of Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin’sWargentin, Pehr Wilhelm
(1717-1783). Swedish. Astronomer and
statistician. Secretary of the Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences since 1749.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
. paper on the moons of Jupiter [”Undersökning om de ojämnheter, som planeten Jupiters månar”Wargentin, Pehr Wilhelm
”Undersökning om de
ojämnheter, som planeten Jupiters
månar, medelst sina inbördes
attaractionskrafter, förorsaka i
hvarandras gång”, KVAH
(1748), 167-184.
]. Buchwald promises that Linnaeus will be paid for it.

Buchwald is eager to continue the correspondence, since he feels that he learns much from it. He is also very glad that there seems to be a chance that the two will meet in Copenhagen in the summer.


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