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Link: • Adriaan van Royen to Carl Linnaeus, 15 August 1749 n.s.
Dated 15 Augusti 1749. Sent from Leiden (Netherlands) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Adriaan van Royen has got an opportunity to write to Linnaeus through Conrad WishoffWishoff, Conrad (?-?). Dutch.
Publisher in Leiden 1710-1750. Wishoff
published Classes plantarum and
Genera plantarum by Linnaeus as
well as Pehr Artediís
Ichtyologia. Correspondent of
. Mimulus, Capparis and the Monardae are flowering. The Aloë Americana, which is said to have come from Vera Crux, is spectacular and attracts all attention. Royenís elder brother, [David van RoyenRoyen, David van Dutch.
Secretary at the University of Leiden.
Brother of Adriaan van Royen and father
of David van Royen.
] who resigned as secretary during the rising at Leiden, has been given new honours by the Prince of Orange [William IVWilliam IV, (1711-1751).
Dutch. Prince of Orange-Nassau. The
first hereditary stadtholder of the
] and has now been made pensionary against the will of the people. In this way virtue is pressed but not suppressed.

Johan Frederik GronoviusGronovius, Johan Frederik
(1690-1762). Dutch. Naturalist, senator
of Leiden. Linnaeusís benefactor and
friend. Published Flora Virginica
(1743, 1762) together with John Clayton.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is well. On 10 March in 1749 Royen answered Linnaeusís letter dated 20 February 1749 [none of these letters have come down to us]. He also enclosed seeds.

P.S. Royen will collect and send seeds later on.


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