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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Anders Johan von Höpken, 24 October 1749 n.s.
Dated 1749 d. 13 octobr.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus reminds Anders Johan von HöpkenHöpken, Anders Johan von
(1712-1789). Swedish. Count and
statesman. One of the founders of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.The
Chancellor of the Uppsala University
1760-1764. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
that last time they met, he had been asked to report an observation to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences [Kungliga Svenska VetenskapsakademinKungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademien,
Swedish. The Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences, Stockholm. Founded
in 1739.
]. Linnaeus has only an observation of little importance [“Äsping”Linnaeus, Carl “Äsping,
beskrifven af Carl Linnaeus”,
KVAH 10 (1749), 246-251. Soulsby
no. 1167.
, i.e. on Vipera berus] but writes he knows that he is probably about to loose more than to gain Höpken’s favour when he reports on a group of animals that is detested by the receiver of the letter, a matter which is of concern to Linnaeus. He wants to do better next time and write about something more pleasant, which he will do as sson as he finds time. However, Linnaeus asks if he might mention that the snake description is the first ever written.


a. contemporary copy (KVA, Bergius, XIII, 326-327).


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