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Link: • Georgij Akinfievich Demidov to Carl Linnaeus, 15 May 1750 n.s.
Dated . Sent from ? () to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Georgij Akinfievich DemidovDemidov, Georgij Akinfievich
(1715-1761). Russian. Father of
Alexandr Grigorevich Demidov, Pavel
Grigorevich Demidov and Petr Grigorevich
Demidov. Son of Akinfiy Nikitich
Demidiv. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
hopes that Linnaeus will write to him soon and confirm that he has received the Siberian seeds that Demidov had sent him in the beginning of the year through the merchants Frans JenningsJennings, Frans (1692-1754).
Swedish. Born i Ireland. Owner of iron
works, merchant and politician in
Sweden. Conducted the trading-company
Finlay & Jennings together with
Robert Finlay. Father of John
& Robert FinlayFinlay, Robert (1719-1785).
Irish. Merchant. Conducted the
trading-company Finlay & Jennings in
Stockhom together with John Jennings.
in Stockholm. Demidov is sending Linnaeus, through the same merchants, a live herbarium, according to the specification that is enclosed. He wants Linnaeus to go through it just as he did for the herbarium that Demidov had sent Linnaeus in 1748, and arrange it according to his method in classes and orders, supply names and then send the herbarium back to Demidov. If there are duplicates, Linnaeus is welcome to them.

P.S. Specification of 844 plants: 4 marine fungi and conchae 47 marine plants 300 plants collected in Kamtschatka and Siberia 338 plants collected in Kamtschatka and Siberia 101 specimens from various regions 12 specimens from Gilan 23 specimens from Astrakhan 14 specimens of the Astrakhan tree from Moscow.


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