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Link: • Pierre Jean de Bertellet to Carl Linnaeus, 27 September 1750 n.s.
Dated 27 Septembre 1750. Sent from Livorno (Italia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


In the beginning of July, Pierre Jean de BertelletBertellet, Pierre Jean de
(?-1763). French?. Lieutenant colonel.
French and Swedish consul in Livorno.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in Livorno had received two packages by ship from Alexandria, one meant for Linnaeus, the other for Edvard (CarlesonCarleson, Edvard (1704-1767).
Swedish. Public official. President of
the Swedish Board of Commerce.
Accompanied Carl Fredric von Höpken
on his voyage to the Orient. Father of
Adolf Ludvig Carleson. Correspondent of
. Bertellet had forwarded them to his contact in Hamburg to be sent on to their addressees. He hopes that that has been done.

Two other specimens had also arrived by the same ship, a dried butterfly and some kind of worm that looked like a piece of rope. These two items had been kept in quarantine by law, just like the crew of the ship, like everything that arrived from the Orient. Now they had been released and handed over to Bertellet. Bertellet supposes that they were meant for Linnaeus, so he sends them to Linnaeus in the condition they were delivered to him. There was no letter with them, but there had been one for Linnaeus accompanying the package. Bertellet hopes that Linnaeus can see there if these items were really meant for him. However, Bertellet cannot exclude the possibility that they were in fact meant for Carleson instead, so Berselles asks Linnaeus to send them on to Carleson if he finds that to be the case. Linnaeus might also contact Carleson in order to clarify the issue. Bertellet apologies for any inconvenience in this matter. He has done his best, and he asks Linnaeus for help in settling the issue.


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