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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Pehr Osbeck, 21 September 1750 n.s.
Dated 1750 Sept. 10. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus is surprised that the letter he had written had had the effect that Pehr OsbeckOsbeck, Pehr (1723-1805).
Swedish. Clergyman, botanist explorer.
Studied at Uppsala under Linnaeus
1745-1750. Chaplain on ships of the
Swedish East India Company on voyages to
China. Vicar of Hasslöv (Halland).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had been appointed chaplain of the ship bound for China.

Linnaeus congratulates Botany on Osbeck’s appointment, and he will inform his correspondents all over the world. They already begin to hope that Osbeck will have a quick journey to China and back, so that he can bring a rich collection of specimens. Linnaeus calls it a dowry to Natural History, and Osbeck’s name will be engraved in a material harder than diamonds. Linnaeus welcomes Osbeck into Flora’s army.

Linnaeus makes a joking allusion to the dangers from bad weather, pirates and so on.

In addition to congratulating Osbeck on the appointment, Linnaeus congratulates himself for being able to arrange something for a friend whom he had not been able to help earlier.

P.S. Linnaeus asks Osbeck to tell Jonas AhlelöfAhlelöf, Jonas
(1717-1783). Swedish. Clergyman, dean
of Frillesås. Correspondent of
that he has received the serpent, and to forward to Lars MontinMontin, Lars (1723-1785).
Swedish. Physician and botanist. Studied
medicine in Uppsala under Linnaeus and
Nils Rosén von Rosenstein.
Provincial physician of the province of
Halland. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
thanks from Linnaeus for the roots.


a. original holograph (KVA). [1] [2]


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