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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Joachim Fredrik Preis, 27 October 1750 n.s.
Dated d. 16 octobr 1750. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Den Haag (Netherlands). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus confirms that he has received the package that Joachim Fredrik PreisPreis, Joachim Fredrik
(1667-1759). Swedish. Count and
diplomat. He served for 57 years as
secretary at the Swedish legation in The
Hague. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had received from the Neapolitan ambassador and sent to Linnaeus with Grill [presumably Anthoni GrillGrill, Anthoni (1705-1783).
Swedish. Merchant in Amsterdam. Brother
of Claes Grill and Johan Abraham Grill.

Linnaeus thanks Preis for this and also for his great efforts as Swedish ambassador in Holland. He mentions also with thanks the very generously and friendly way in which Preis had received him when he was in Holland.

Linnaeus has written to Vitaliano DonatiDonati, Vitaliano (1713-1763).
Italian. Professor of natural history,
Turin. Travelled in the Balkans and in
the Orient. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
[this letter has not come down to us] and confirmed with thanks that he has received the interesting volume [Linnaeus refers to Della storia naturale marina dellí AdriaticoDonati, Vitaliano Della
storia naturale marina dellí Adriatico
saggio giuntavi una lettera del Signor
L. Sesler intorno ad un nuovo genere di
piante terrestri
(Venice 1750).
]. Linnaeus also mentions that he had received another copy of the same work a fortnight earlier from Venice, sent by the Imperial minister Joseph von RathgebRathgeb, Joseph von
(17??-1753). Austrian. Naturalist,
imperial legate at Venice. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
[Rathgeb to Linnaeus, 16 September 1750Letter L1165].


a. original holograph (RA, Diplomatica, Hollandica, vol. 792). [1] [2] [3]