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Link: • Carl Hårleman to Carl Linnaeus, 28 December 1750 n.s.
Dated 17 Xbre 1750. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


During a visit to Uppsala Carl HårlemanHårleman, Carl
(1700-1753). Swedish. Nobleman,
architect, royal superintendent.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
discussed why, in his Skånska resaLinnaeus, Carl Skånska
resa, på höga
öfwerhetens befallning
förrättad år 1749. Med
rön och anmärkningar uti
oeconomien, naturalier, antiquiteter,
seder, lefnadssätt
1751). Soulsby no. 209.
, Linnaeus did not condemn the habit of clearing land by burning, but even approved of it. Then Linnaeus was willing to change his mind but did not do so despite the King’s [Adolf FredrikAdolf Fredrik, (1710-1771).
Swedish. King of Sweden. Reigned
1751-1771. Married to Lovisa Ulrika.
Father of Gustav III. Chancellor of
Uppsala university 1747-1751.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] strict order against this farming method. Hårleman appeals to Linnaeus to change his mind. This is a matter of countrywide interest, but it does not change his paternal feelings towards Linnaeus. However, if he must choose between the public good and his friendship with Linnaeus the choice is simple.

P.S. He reminds Linnaeus that a good man can say he was wrong.


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