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Link: • Carl August von Bergen to Carl Linnaeus, 10 March 1752 n.s.
Dated 10 Martii MDCCLII. Sent from Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany) to (). Written in Latin.


Carl August von BergenBergen, Carl August von
(1704-1759). German. Doctor of
medicine. Professor of botany and
anatomy, later of pathology and therapy,
Frankfurt/Oder. Correspondent of
has at last found a way to renew the contact with Linnaeus, which had once been active to the pleasure of Bergen. ToërnickeToërnicke, German.
Merchant, Stettin.
, a merchant in Stettin who often sends his ships to Stockholm. has promised to ensure so that Bergen’s letters reach Linnaeus. Bergen is eager to send Linnaeus some new books, among them Flora FrancofurtanaBergen, Carl August von Flora
Francofurtana : methodo facili elaborata
: accedunt cogitata de studio botanices
methodice et quidem proprio marte
addiscendae, terminorum technicorum
nomenclator, et necessarii indices

(Frankfurt an der Oder, 1750).
that he had promised long ago. Bergen is aware that it is far from free from mistakes, some of which are due to the fact that Bergen was unable to check the last phase of the printing. Bergen is about to have supplements and corrections printed, and he will send those to Linnaeus in due course. Bergen has also been criticised for including cultured plants in the Flora Francofurtana, but he has done that for laymen, who often study what is found in fields and gardens. The Flora Francofurtana has been reviewed rather harshly in the journal , Commentarii de rebus in scientia naturali et medicina gestis, published in Leipzig, but the criticism is more directed towards Linnaeus than towards Bergen. However, Bergen does not like controversies between scholars, although he knows they happen, and can involve even the most prominent scholars. He mentions Johann Sigmund Valentin Popowitsch’sPopowitsch, Johann Sigmund Valentin
(1705-1774). Austrian.
Philologist and natural scientist,
professor at Vienna.
criticism of Linnaeus in 1750 as an example [Bergen refers to Popowitsch’s Untersuchungen vom MeerePopowitsch, Johann Sigmund Valentin
Untersuchungen vom Meere
(Frankfurt & Leipzig 1750).
]. Bergen also sends some dissertations by himself and by Johann Friedrich CartheuserCartheuser, Johann Friedrich
(1704-1777). German. Professor of
medicine and botany at Frankfurt an der
Oder. Father of Friedrich August
, and he wants to know what Linnaeus thinks of them. In exchange, Bergen asks for a copy of Philosophia botanicaLinnaeus, Carl Philosophia
botanica, in qua explicantur fundamenta
botanica cum definitionibus partium,
(Stockholm 1751). Soulsby no.
. Bergen has read in the Hamburgisches Magazin that the Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala [Kungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i UppsalaKungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i
Swedish. The Royal
Society of Sciences at Uppsala was
founded in 1728.
] had contributed to a study tour to Syria and Egypt, and Bergen is very happy about that initiative [Bergen refers to the journey made by Fredrik HasselquistHasselquist, Fredrik
(1722-1752). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist, explorer. Studied under
Linnaeus and Lars Roberg 1741-1749. Went
to Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Cyprus,
Rhodes and the island of Chios. Died
near Smyrna. Son of Magnus and Helena
Maria Hasselquist, brother of Andreas
Hasselquist. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
]. Bergen is looking forward to receiving an answer from Linnaeus.


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