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Link: • Pehr Osbeck to Carl Linnaeus, 23 August 1752 n.s.
Dated [12] Aug. 1752. Sent from Göteborg (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Pehr OsbeckOsbeck, Pehr (1723-1805).
Swedish. Clergyman, botanist explorer.
Studied at Uppsala under Linnaeus
1745-1750. Chaplain on ships of the
Swedish East India Company on voyages to
China. Vicar of Hasslöv (Halland).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
thanks Linnaeus for letters that have made him very happy. He asks Linnaeus to excuse his errors in the letters that he had written rather hastily. Osbeck supposes that most of his collections have already been sent to Linnaeus through Magnus LagerströmLagerström, Magnus
(1691-1759). Swedish. Director of the
Swedish East India Company.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, but he still has some specimens of plants and mosses from Spain and China that wait for a suitable occasion to be sent.

Osbeck admits that some of the specimens have been incomplete, but he thinks that Linnaeus can recognize most of them.

Osbeck has not yet been able to work at the annotations made during the voyage, so that they can be read by anybody else. Twice during the voyage, he had had severe attacks of asthma for some weeks. He describes his attacks, and he is afraid that he will not see East India again. He despairs of being helped in Sweden, so he asks Linnaeus for advice.

Osbeck answers a question from Linnaeus on Melastoma in the negative, since he could not find a specimen that looked like the one mentioned by Linnaeus. Therefore, he had decided it must be a new species.

Linnaeus had asked about another specimen, and Osbeck answers with a description of the Ironwood tree, formerly mentioned in Israel Reinius’sReinius, Israel Swedish. reports on his journey to the East Indies [Osbeck refers to the Anmärkningar samlade under en resa til ChinaReinius, Israel
Anmärkningar samlade under en
resa til China
(Åbo, 1749).
]. Another Ironwood, from Jamaica, is described by Hans SloaneSloane, Hans (1660-1753).
British. Physician, naturalist and
collector. Secretary of the Royal
Society in 1693, president in 1727.
Sloane’s collections of natural history
objects were donated to the English
nation and were one of cornerstones of
the British Museum (1759). Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
, but that must be another species.

Allium without leaves was used by the Spaniards as bundles of spices under the name of Flores S. Josephi.

P.S. 1 Osbeck thanks Linnaeus for names of plants and other things, and sends some more plant specimens.

P. S. 2 Osbeck is glad that Jonas AhlelöfAhlelöf, Jonas
(1717-1783). Swedish. Clergyman, dean
of Frillesås. Correspondent of
is proposed for a position in Halland. That would give Osbeck a friend near Gothenburg, which is a dull and expensive town.

P. S. 3 The flowers of Cypripedium are enclosed, but the other parts will come with Holmsten [presumably Jonas HolmstenHolmsten, Jonas Swedish.
Student, Uppsala.
]. The leaves were surrounded by a spathe at the bottom. Osbeck also sends a specimen of Conferva caerulea nodosa ex mari.


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