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Link: • Johan Johansson Haartman to Carl Linnaeus, 26 September 1752 n.s.
Dated 15 Sept. 1752. Sent from ŇkerŲ (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Johan Johansson HaartmanHaartman, Johan Johansson
(1725-1787). Swedish. Professor of
medicine at Åbo. Linnaeusís
student. Accompanied Carl Gustaf Tessin
on his journey through Sweden and
arranged Tessinís collection of
minerals. He also translated Systema
into Swedish. Son of Johan
Haartman. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
regrets not having contacted Linnaeus previously [during his travelling in Södermanland, Västergötland and Bohuslän]. He is now working on Carl Gustaf TessinísTessin, Carl Gustaf
(1695-1770). Swedish. Count, important
politician and patron of science and
art. He supported Swedish artists and
scientists and collected art, books and
natural history objects. He assisted
Linnaeusís career in many ways. Married
to Lovisa Ulrica Tessin. Uncle to
Fredrik Sparre. Correspondent of
collection of minerals on the estate at Åkerö and has been extremely occupied with travelling and the ordering of the cabinets as required by Tessin. Haartman hopes that this will not detract from the possibilities to get a scholarship when he continues his studies in Uppsala

During the summer Haartman had travelled in the west of Sweden, where the most pleasant place was in the Uddevalla archipelago but unfortunately the time was not the best with regard to fishing. However, he had managed to find 8-10 different species in the shell banks outside and above Uddevalla.Patella and a Concha were remarkable. He got most of the seaweeds from the sea, among which were some that he did not recognise. Haartman had found a Petromyzon [he refers to the hagfish, Myxinae glutinosa] that he had placed in liquor for Tessin but observed no fins on it, he had only obtained one specimen. He believes he has found a new species of the genus Pleuronectes. he also observed a Sygnatus with 40 rays in the back. He had no time to compare it with no. 334 , in the Fauna SvecicaLinnaeus, Carl Fauna Svecica
sistens animalia Sveciae regni:
quadrupedia, aves, amphibia, pisces,
insecta, vermes, distributa per classes
& ordines, genera & species. Cum
differentiis specierum, synonymis
autorum, nominibus incolarum, locis
habitationum, descriptionibus
(Stockholm, 1746).
Soulsby no. 1151.
. Haartman continues with a listing of the various fishes and shellfish he has found, referring to the Fauna Svecica and detailing their characteristics and regretting that strong wind and heavy rain had prevented him from going out into the Gothenburg archipelago. He has also received a new species from Gustaf Zimmerman.On the rocks in the Bohus area Haartman had found a lichen, fruticulosus solidus, that must at least be a variant of the Flora SvecicaLinnaeus, Carl Flora Svecica,
exhibens plantas per regnum Sveciae
crescentes, systematice cum differentiis
specierum, synonymis autorum, nominibus,
incolarum, solo locorum, usu
(Leiden 1745).
Soulsby no. 408.
, 983, if not a distinct species.

Haartman had so far collected 800 species for Tessin, mainly of Swedish plants apart from a number of garden plants, and has recorded details of their usefulness in a catalogue. He had also listed about 60 kinds of stones present in Västergötland, apart from the petrificates. These included a beautiful Cornu ammonis from the quarry at Caraby, a few cochlitae and a Cochlea in Västerplana.


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