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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Pehr Osbeck, 17 December 1752 n.s.
Dated 6 Dec. 1752. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus thanks Pehr OsbeckOsbeck, Pehr (1723-1805).
Swedish. Clergyman, botanist explorer.
Studied at Uppsala under Linnaeus
1745-1750. Chaplain on ships of the
Swedish East India Company on voyages to
China. Vicar of Hasslöv (Halland).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
for his letters that have taught Linnaeus much more than anybody else’s.

Osbeck’s description of Osbeckia reached Linnaeus too late to be included in the Species plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Species
(Stockholm 1753). Soulsby
no. 480.
, so Linnaeus has used a short description made from the dried specimen. It will be useful in the future.

Linnaeus makes a few comments on the plant quite similar to Hernandia and on a Euphorbia that was enclosed in the letter; the latter seems to be the same as the Swedish Euphorbia palustris.

Linnaeus will study Osbeck’s descriptions more in detail after his return from Stockholm, where he is about to finish the King’s [Adolf FredrikAdolf Fredrik, (1710-1771).
Swedish. King of Sweden. Reigned
1751-1771. Married to Lovisa Ulrika.
Father of Gustav III. Chancellor of
Uppsala university 1747-1751.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] museum [Linnaeus refers to the forthcoming, Museum S:ae R:ae M:tis Adolphi Friderici RegisLinnaeus, Carl Museum S:ae
R:ae M:tis Adolphi Friderici Regis
Suecorum [...] in quo animalia rariora
imprimis et exotica: quadrupedia, aves,
amphibia, pisces, insecta, vermes
describuntur et determinantur, Latine et
Suetice cum iconibus

Linnaeus hopes that Osbeck will come and see him in Uppsala if he does not leave for the East Indies. It was not necessary to send the order back, for it could have been with Osbeck waiting for a suitable arrangement.

The Queen [Lovisa UlrikaLovisa Ulrika, (1720-1782).
Swedish. Queen of Sweden 1751-1771.
Married to Adolf Fredrik. Mother of
Gustav III. Sister of Fredric II of
Prussia. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] has bought Fredrik Hasselquist’sHasselquist, Fredrik
(1722-1752). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist, explorer. Studied under
Linnaeus and Lars Roberg 1741-1749. Went
to Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Cyprus,
Rhodes and the island of Chios. Died
near Smyrna. Son of Magnus and Helena
Maria Hasselquist, brother of Andreas
Hasselquist. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
collection for 14,000 daler, to have them in her palace.

Linnaeus asks Osbeck to work at his travel report if he does not leave for China [the travel report was published in 1757, Dagbok öfwer en ostindisk resaOsbeck, Pehr Dagbok
öfwer en ostindisk resa åren
1750. 1751. 1752. Med anmärkningar
uti naturkunnigheten, främmande
folkslags språk, seder,
hushållning, m.m. [...] Jämte
12 tabeller och afledne
skepps-predikanten : Toréns
(Stockholm 1757).


a. original holograph (KVA). [1] [2]


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