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Link: • Everard Jacob van Wachendorff to Carl Linnaeus, 15 March 1753 n.s.
Dated 17 15/3 53. Sent from Utrecht (Netherlands) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Everard Jacob van WachendorffWachendorff, Everard Jacob van
(1702-1758). Dutch. Physician and
botanist. Studied in Leiden and Utrecht.
Professor of medicine, chemistry and
botany at Utrecht. Correspondent of
is pleased to have received a letter from Linnaeus [this letter has not come down to us]. However, Wachendorff has sent a letter that Linnaeus does not mention at all [Wachendorff might refer to the letter from him to Linnaeus dated 31 August 1752Letter L1460]. He therefore fears that Linnaeus has not received it.

Wachendorff is happy that the new names of the classes were to Linnaeusís liking.

Wachendorff had sent Linnaeus seeds of, among others, African plants. At the present he has hardly any. He would like to receive plants and seeds of Siberian plants.

Wachendorff has enclosed a list of stones [fol. 122r] that he would like to receive. He has sent the same list to Erik Gustaf LidbeckLidbeck, Erik Gustaf
(1724-1803). Swedish. Professor of
natural history and economy at Lund.
Studied under Linnaeus. Accompanied
Linnaeus as secretary on his
Västgöta journey in 1746.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in Lund.

Wachendorff expects Lidbeck to send him plants that grow naturally in Scania. Lidbeck had already sent him Linnaea.

Wachendorff wonders whether Myrtus brasiliensis is a new genus. He will examine more closely the Lamium that Linnaeus considered to be a variety.

P.S. There is a list of stones from Systema naturae that Wachendorff would like to receive.


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