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Link: • Carl Fredrik Mennander to Carl Linnaeus, 9 March 1753 n.s.
Dated 9 Martii 53. Sent from Åbo (Finland) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Carl Fredrik MennanderMennander, Carl Fredrik
(1712-1786). Swedish. Archbishop and
scientist. As bishop of Åbo he
promoted science. A new chair in
chemistry, a laboratory, a botanical
garden were founded at his initiative. A
close friend of Linnaeus. Husband of
Ulrica Mennander and Johanna Magdalena
Mennander. Father of Carl Fredric
Fredenheim. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
writes to Linnaeus to tell him that he has been transferred from the Faculties of Arts and Sciences to the Theological Faculty. Mennander writes that his interest for natural history will remain and that he will continue his work in his spare time. He hopes for Linnaeus’s help to find a suitable subject to study and also his continuous support.

Mennander writes that as his special interest and knowledge is in mineralogy he asks Linnaeus to vindicate the observations and opinions he has reported in Systema Lapideum in order to refute some ignorant criticism [Mennander refers to the section about minerals in the Systema naturae]. Mennander asks Linnaeus to inform him if his knowledge is incomplete.

Mennander asks Linnaeus to send him duplicates of his mineral collection as promised and that Johan Johansson HaartmanHaartman, Johan Johansson
(1725-1787). Swedish. Professor of
medicine at Åbo. Linnaeus’s
student. Accompanied Carl Gustaf Tessin
on his journey through Sweden and
arranged Tessin’s collection of
minerals. He also translated Systema
into Swedish. Son of Johan
Haartman. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
might be helpful if needed.


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