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Link: • Sven Brodd to Carl Linnaeus, 26 April 1753 n.s.
Dated 26 Ap:1753. Sent from Mariestad (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish & Latin.


Sven BroddBrodd, Sven (1722-1773).
Swedish. Physician and lecturer in logic
and physics at Skara gymnasium.
Linnaeusís student in 1752.
Correspondent of Linnaeus. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
writes to Linnaeus that the favour he had been shown by Linnaeus when he was a student, made him write once more for advice on a medical issue.

He now tells Linnaeus that he is comparatively well, but sometimes he suffers from palpitation of the heart. He reports that during last autumn many people in his neighbourhood suffered from dysentery and during the winter smallpox was rife, in some places also typhoid fever. Now, in the springtime, malaria had reached Mariestad.

An elderly man has contracted paralysis spuria or paresis [a slight paralysis] in his thigh. This causes marital problems as he has a young wife. The medical doctors disagree to the cause of the paralysis, some prescribe tonic and others acida [acid] in order to prevent putrefaction.

Brodd writes that he has a patient suffering from haemorrhoids. He says that he cannot find any information about how to cure this in his books and he asks Linnaeus for advice. He also asks Linnaeus to send him rhubarb seeds.


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