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Link: • Peter Petersen von Heidenstam to Carl Linnaeus, 20 April 1754 n.s.
Dated die XX Aprilis 1754. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


A few weeks previously, Peter Petersen von HeidenstamPetersen von Heidenstam, Peter
(1708-1783). Swedish.
Physician-in-ordinary to Adolf Fredrik.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had recommended a young man from Stockholm to become a pupil of Linnaeusís. Now, he recommends his own son [Johan Christian Petersen von HeidenstamPetersen von Heidenstam, Johan
(1739-1774). Swedish.
Physician. Son of Peter Petersen von
] whom he will send to the Uppsala university, and he takes the liberty of leaving him under Linnaeusís protection. He is sure that Linnaeus accepted the former student, and he hopes that Linnaeus will take similar care of his son and help him to reach the goal of his studies. It is not yet decided if his son will study theology or medicine, but whichever he chooses, it would be a great help and favour for him to have Linnaeus as his tutor [Johan Christian Petersen von Heidenstam studied medicine under Linnaeus and in 1758 pro exercitio defended the dissertation, Dissertatio de cortice PeruvianoLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio de
cortice Peruviano
, diss., resp. J.
C. Petersen von Heidenstam (Uppsala,
1758). Soulsby no. 1991.

In addition, Petersen asks Linnaeus to tell him, when he has an opportunity, which study he considers the young man most suited for and how he manages life in Uppsala. Petersen will be forever grateful to Linnaeus for this help and will do all he can to fulfil Linnaeusís wishes.

On behalf of himself and his wife [Christina Magdalena Johanna PetersenPetersen, Christina Magdalena Johanna
(d. 1760). German. Wife of Peter
Petersen von Heidenstam, mother of Johan
Christian Petersen von Heidenstam.
], he wishes Linnaeus and his family constant and uninterrupted health and happiness.


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