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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Johan Gustaf Wahlbom, 9 April 1754 n.s.
Dated 9 april 1754. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Kalmar (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus thanks Johan Gustaf WahlbomWahlbom, Johan Gustaf
(1724-1808). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist. Studied at Uppsala under
Linnaeus, anatomy, surgery and
obstretics at Wittenberg. Provincial
physician at Kalmar. Correspondent of
for his letter of 25 [wrong date, must be 25] February [1754]Letter L1532. Since Linnaeus had heard from Abraham BäckBäck, Abraham (1713-1795).
Swedish. Physician, president of the
Collegium Medicum, Stockholm. Close
friend of Linnaeus. Correspondent of
that Wahlbom would come to Stockholm quite soon, Linnaeus had not sent an answer.

The Germans promise much but do rather little, so Linnaeus does not expect very much to promote science from them.

Betula nana and Uva ursi cannot be raised from seeds in Uppsala, so Wahlbom does not need to send them.

The coffee-tree that Wahlbom had sent Linnaeus grows well, and it is likely to give fruits this summer so Linnaeus does not need another specimen.

Linnaeus will start to hold lectures about Species plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Species
(Stockholm 1753). Soulsby
no. 480.
this autumn, if God wills, and he will continue to do so both in public and privately. He expects to finish the series of lectures in a year, but he will not have much time free.

The new edition of Genera plantarum [Linnaeus refers to to the fifth edition, Genera plantarum [...] editio quintaLinnaeus, Carl Genera
plantarum [...] editio quinta ab auctore
reformata et aucta
(Stockholm 1754).
Soulsby no. 301.
] will be printed at Whitsuntide.

”Museum Regium” [Museum S:ae R:ae M:tis Adolphi Friderici RegisLinnaeus, Carl Museum S:ae
R:ae M:tis Adolphi Friderici Regis
Suecorum [...] in quo animalia rariora
imprimis et exotica: quadrupedia, aves,
amphibia, pisces, insecta, vermes
describuntur et determinantur, Latine et
Suetice cum iconibus
] will be finished at about that time too. More than half is printed, and the plates are ready. It will be the most beautiful work published in Sweden.

Linnaeus’s wife [Sara Elisabet MoraeaMoraea, Sara Elisabet
(1716-1806). Swedish. Linnaeus’s wife.
Daughter of Johan Moraeus and Elisabet
Hansdotter Moraea. Mother of Carl
Linnaeus the Younger and of Elisabeth
Christina, Louisa, Sara Christina and
Sophia Linnaea.
] gave birth to a son [Johannes Linnaeus Linnaeus, Johannes (1754-1757).
Swedish. Son of Carl Linnaeus and Sara
Elisabet Linnaea.
] last Sunday. The boy is called Johannes. She sends Wahlbom her greetings.

Linnaeus asks if Wahlbom can send him for his garden Ranunculus Illyricus and Chilocomus from Öland and also the small Cissus from the limestone heath.

Mrs Schiönström [Ulrika SchönströmSchönström, Ulrika
(1694-1757). Swedish. Senior lady to
the Royal household. Wife of
lieutenant-colonel Albrecht
Schönström. Born Adlersten.
] is dying.

No other news from Uppsala.

Also Samuel AurivilliusAurivillius, Samuel
(1721-1767). Swedish. Professor of
medicine, Uppsala. Correspondent of
got a son last Sunday.

P. S. Linnaeus adds that Pehr LöflingLöfling, Pehr (1729-1756).
Swedish. Botanist and explorer. Studied
under Linnaeus. Went to Spain in 1751
and took part in the Spanish expedition
to Venezuela in 1754, where he died.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
left Cadiz on January 31 [Löfling to Linnaeus, 31 January 1753Letter L1692], that Hartman [Johan Johansson HaartmanHaartman, Johan Johansson
(1725-1787). Swedish. Professor of
medicine at Åbo. Linnaeus’s
student. Accompanied Carl Gustaf Tessin
on his journey through Sweden and
arranged Tessin’s collection of
minerals. He also translated Systema
into Swedish. Son of Johan
Haartman. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] has been appointed medical officer of the province of Åbo and that Johan Otto HagströmHagström, Johan Otto
(1716-1792). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist. Linnaeus’s student. Linnaeus
wrote the introduction to his Pan
(1768), on bee-pollinated
flowers. He was one of the tutors of
Carl Linnaeus the Younger. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
has got the same position in Östergötland.


a. original holograph (KVA, Carl von Linnés arkiv). [1] [2] [3]