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Link: • Gottfried Heinrich Burghardt to Carl Linnaeus, 4 May 1754 n.s.
Dated 4 Maji Ao 1754. Sent from Brieg (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Gottfried Heinrich BurghartBurghardt, Gottfried Heinrich
(1705-1776). German. Physician, Bresalu
and Brieg. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
contacts Linnaeus from a remote country, and he apologies for his audacity, but both Linnaeusís fame and Burghartís wish to know him better had led him to it. His country is rich in minerals, and Burghart had once studied physics and even published a work eighteen years earlier, which he now plans to publish again in a new and updated edition. He has not had time to do further research.

Burghartís real errand is another. In the library of the college in Brieg there are several manuscripts, and one of them, a vellum codex of 62 leaves, contains texts about Saint BrigidSaint Brigid, Swedish. , namely the miracles and her revelations. The codex has no information on where and when it was written, but it is evident that it is not written by one scribe, since the hands vary. It had once belonged to the library of the diocese, which was established in 1369, and was later transferred to the college which was founded in 1564.

Burghart quotes parts of the text in order to confirm the attribution to St. Brigid, and he promises to help procure a copy of the manuscript if it is of an historical interest for Sweden. He is aware that the revelations have been published in print on occasion, but he does not know if that is also the case with the miracles.


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