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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Abraham Bäck, 13 September 1754 n.s.
Dated . Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Latin.

Amico integerrimo,
D[omino] D[octori] ABR[AHAM] BAECK,
Archiatro Regio,
S[alutem] pl[urimam] d[icit]
C[arolus] Linnaeus

Quaestor nondum rediit in urbem, sed etiamnum apricatur.

D[omi]n[us] Doct[or] Hydren, qui hodie fuit in urbe, quaesivi hac ipsa hora, sed discessit in praedium suburbanum, adeoque non possum mandatis tuis, ut ut lubentissime hoc facerem, hac hora satisfacere. Curabo, ut fiat in proximum diem Tabellarii, modo hic timidissimus inspector, qui metuit omnia, audet in re evidentissima certi quid asserere et dijudicare.

Post reditum ingentem copiam Fragorum devoravi. Quid agit D[omi]nus D[octor] Rosen?; quid ille de climate Drotning­holmensi?

An absolvit suum pensum glutinator Regius D[ominus] Tuwen?

Omnes homines festinant in urbe dissecare secalem et exsiccare, tamquam Rustici, et in his etiam uxorula mea. Vale et vive ter felix!

Wälborne H[err] Doctor Baeck


The treasurer has not yet returned to the town. He is still enjoying the sun. Linnaeus had asked Lars HydrénHydrén, Lars
(1694-1789). Swedish. Professor of
poetry 1744 and of theology 1753,
Uppsala. Dean at the Uppsala cathedral
1764. Father of Anna Catharina Waldius
and father-in-law of Erik Waldius.
about him on the same day, but had told him that the treasurer had left for his estate outside the town. The result is that Linnaeus cannot fulfil Abraham BäckísBäck, Abraham (1713-1795).
Swedish. Physician, president of the
Collegium Medicum, Stockholm. Close
friend of Linnaeus. Correspondent of
wishes, although he would be very glad to do so.

Linnaeus will take care of it on the next business day, provided that the person concerned, a timid person who is afraid of everything, dares to see the truth in this very evident matter and dares to make a decision.

After his return to Uppsala, Linnaeus has eaten lots of strawberries.

Linnaeus wonders how Nils Nils Rosén von RosénsteinRosén von Rosenstein, Nils
(1706-1773). Swedish. Physician
and professor of medicine. Colleague of
Linnaeus at Uppsala. The founder of
modern pediatrics. Correspondent of
is and how he stands the climate at Drottningholm.

Linnaeus wonders if Erik TuvénTuvén, Erik (1721-?).
Swedish. Botanist. Employed by the
Collegium Medicum, demonstrator of the
botanical garden of the Seraphimer
Hospital in Stockholm.
, who was to glue the dried specimens to papers in the Royal museum, has fulfilled his task.

In the town, everybody is cutting and drying rye like farmers - so too Linnaeusís wife [Sara Elisabet LinnaeaMoraea, Sara Elisabet
(1716-1806). Swedish. Linnaeusís wife.
Daughter of Johan Moraeus and Elisabet
Hansdotter Moraea. Mother of Carl
Linnaeus the Younger and of Elisabeth
Christina, Louisa, Sara Christina and
Sophia Linnaea.


a. original (KVA). [1] [2]


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