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Link: • Jean Baptiste Aymen to Carl Linnaeus, 5 September 1754 n.s.
Dated 7bris 5. an. 1754. Sent from Castillon-la-Bataille (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Jean Baptiste AymenAymen, Jean Baptiste
(1729-1784). French. Naturalist and
physician, Bordeaux. Correspondent of
is disturbed by Linnaeusís long silence that has made Aymen very unhappy.

Long ago, Aymen sent Xaverio (Saverio) ManettiísManetti, Xaverio (Saverio)
(1723-1785). Italian. Physician,
professor of botany at Florence.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Viridarium florentinumManetti, Xaverio (Saverio)
Viridarium florentinum, sive
conspectus plantarum quae floruerunt
& semina dederunt hoc anno 1750

(Florence 1751).
and Albrecht von HallerísHaller, Albrecht von
(1708-1777). Swiss. Naturalist and
poet, professor of medicine, botany,
anatomy and surgery at Göttingen
1736-1753. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Enumeratio plantarum horti regii et agri GottingensisHaller, Albrecht von
Enumeratio plantarum horti regii et
agri Gottingensis aucta et emendata

(Göttingen, 1753).
to Linnaeus by ship from Bordeaux. He gives the name of the vessel, Christierna, the name of the captain Peter Jordan and wonders if they have arrived. He has not heard anything.

Aymen had returned from Paris a few days earlier and plans to go up into the Pyrenees to collect plants.

Aymen has received several perfectly dried specimens of American plants. He is going to share this wealth with Linnaeus, Bernard de JussieuJussieu, Bernard de
(1699-1777). French. Professor of
botany, brother of Antoine and Joseph de
Jussieu. Demonstrator at the Jardin des
plantes. Sébastien Vaillantís
successor. Uncle of Antoine Laurent de
Jussieu. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Jean Etienne Guettard Guettard, Jean Etienne
(1715-1786). French. Naturalist,
geologist and mineralogist. Director of
the museum of natural history objects of
the duke of Orléans. Best known
for his geological and mineralogical
studies of France. Correspondent of
and Louis Guillaume Le MonnierLe Monnier, Louis Guillaume
(1717-1799). French. Physician and
naturalist. Professor of botany at the
Jardin des plantes in Paris. Personal
physician of Louis XV. Correspondent of
, and he will send to Linnaeus characters of the plants that he is producing. Four of these are included in this letter together with some detailed comments on Hamellia, Fuchsia, Sapota, and Bucephalus.

From Species plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Species
(Stockholm 1753). Soulsby
no. 480.
, which Aymen has now received, he indicates some places where he thinks Linnaeus is wrong.


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