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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Abraham Bäck, 11 February 1755 n.s.
Dated 1755 d. 11 febr.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Latin.

Illustri D[omino] BAECKIO
S[alutem] pl[urimam] d[icit]
C[arolus] Linnaeus.

Gratias devotas reddo pro actis; remisi ea cum Pastore Constantinopolitano omnia; Tibi etiam, Amice colendissime, debeo hujus Viri optimi amicitiam.

D[ominus] Gorter cum tota sua familia petiit Petropolin 5000 rubelis annuis; D[omi]nus Gaubius vero, cui 10,000 offerebatur, recusavit.

Si permittunt Tui Lusus, procures mihi aliquid, si possem solvere nodum de Morbo spasmodico convulsivo; debeo equidem et ego aliquem fructum laboris sentire s[ive] reportare.

In hisce terris nihil novi. Quid in republica medica novi? Quis erit Medicus per Gestriciam? An D[ominus] Schultze accessit Londinum? An ab eo literas habuisti?

Ego dum vixero Tuus permansero.

Dab[am] Upsaliae 1755 d[ie] 11 febr[uarii].

Wälborne H[err] Doctor BAECK
Regii Collegii Med. Présidi


Linnaeus thanks Abraham BäckBäck, Abraham (1713-1795).
Swedish. Physician, president of the
Collegium Medicum, Stockholm. Close
friend of Linnaeus. Correspondent of
for the Acta. He returns them all with the clergyman from Constantinople [Peter Abraham NensénNensén, Peter Abraham
(1711-1788). Swedish. Chaplain to the
legation in Constantinople 1748-1755.
Vicar of the parish of Klara, Stockholm.

David de GorterGorter, David de (1707 or
1717-1783). Dutch. Botanist and
physician. Succeeded his father Johannes
de Gorter as physician-in-ordinary to
the Empress Elizabeth of Russia. Son of
Susanna de Gorter, brother of Herman
Boerhaave de Gorter. Correspondent of
has left for St Petersburg with all his family to take a position for 5,000 rubel a year. Hieronymus David GaubGaub, Hieronymus David
(1705-1780). German. Physician,
professor of chemistry and medicine at
had been offered 10,000, but he had declined.

Linnaeus asks Bäck to help him to solve the issues around Morbus spasmodicus convulsivus [Linnaeus refers to the De morbo spasmodico convulsivo epidemicoRosenblad, Eberhard De morbo
spasmodico convulsivo epidemico
diss., resp. J. B. Heiligtag (Lund,
]. Linnaeus feels that he needs to see some results from his work.

Linnaeus has nothing new to report. He wonders if Bäck has anything, especially who will be appointed medical officer for Gästrikland? Has David Schulz von SchulzenheimSchulz von Schulzenheim, David
(1732-1823). Swedish. Physician.
Studied at Uppsala, where he attended
Linnaeusís lectures. Went to England.
Together with Nils Rosén von
Rosenstein he introduced inoculation for
smallpox in Sweden. Correspondent of
reached London, and has Bäck heard anything from him?


a. original (KVA). [1] [2]


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