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Link: • Fredrik Sparre to Carl Linnaeus, 3 June 1755 n.s.
Dated 3. Junii. 1755.. Sent from Åkerö (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


On Carl Gustaf Tessin’sTessin, Carl Gustaf
(1695-1770). Swedish. Count, important
politician and patron of science and
art. He supported Swedish artists and
scientists and collected art, books and
natural history objects. He assisted
Linnaeus’s career in many ways. Married
to Lovisa Ulrica Tessin. Uncle to
Fredrik Sparre. Correspondent of
order, Fredrik SparreSparre, Fredrik (1731-1803).
Swedish. Count. Councillor. Nephew to
Carl Gustaf Tessin. Correspondent of
sends Linnaeus two letters that have come to Tessin. The first is from CouturierCouturier, (?-?). French.
Bookseller. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
[Couturier to Linnaeus, 13 April 1755Letter L1894] in Marseilles and is about his earlier proposal to Linnaeus, made through Tessin, about a pocket-size dictionary of natural history. The second letter is from Couturier’s brother-in-law, Bruyzet [Jean-Marie Bruyset Bruyset, Jean-Marie
(1719-1792). French. Bookseller in
Lyon. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] [Bruyset to Linnaeus, 12 May 1755Letter L1915], active as printer in Lyon. He would undertake to print and publish this dictionary, if Linnaeus undertook the task of compiling it [the intended work was never published]. From the letters, Linnaeus will find that Bruyset is quite satisfied with having it in Latin, which would be the first edition. When he had found a reliable translator, he would publish a second edition in French. Bruyset will be complaisant to other conditions that Linnaeus would set up about his fee. Tessin wants Linnaeus to give answers to these letters, which Tessin will send as fast and safely as possible. Sparre adds that Tessin and his wife [Lovisa Ulrica TessinTessin, Lovisa Ulrica (-1768).
Swedish. Countess, wife of Carl Gustaf
] are well and send Linnaeus their greetings. Sparre adds a personal greeting of his own.


a. original holograph (LS, XIV, 243-244). [1] [2] [3]