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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Abraham Bäck, 24 October 1755 n.s.
Dated 1755 Oct. 24. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Latin.

Viro amplissimo Nobilissimoque,
D[omino] D[octori] A[BRAHAM] BAECKIO,
S[alutem] pl[urimam] d[icit]
Car[olus] Linnaeus.

Heri accepi tres pisces, quos ad me mittebas, ex Alpibus Lapponicis missos, nomine Roding & öring.

Ego multum erro, si non intra annum habeas a quaestore pecunias Tuas; in mea potestate non erit, si quidquam amittas de pecuniis.

Rumor est in australi Europa de Radice contra Epilepsiam; curabo, ut sciam, a qua planta Americes [sic] desumatur.

Quando dabit Thori socia marito pignus amoris? Cura, ut fiat hoc anno; sin minus plurimae mulctae imponuntur neonymphis; devota mea obsequia dicas nobilissimae conjugi. Tu et illa gavisi eritis, quod potestis una simul habitare, nec alter in aula Drotningholmensi, altera ruri removeri.

A Te scire aveo nova, quae fiunt apud potentes; nos procul a jove pascimus capras in rupibus. Dicas mihi, quinam erint electores, quinam Senatores, quinam Electi s[ive] Clandestini.

Salutes D[ominu]m Wargentin et Amicos omnes, si qui sint, valere jubeas. Apud nos nihil novi. Vale!

Upsaliae 1755 Oct[obris] 24.

Wälborne H[err] Doctor BAECK


Linnaeus is confident that Abraham BäckBäck, Abraham (1713-1795).
Swedish. Physician, president of the
Collegium Medicum, Stockholm. Close
friend of Linnaeus. Correspondent of
will have his money back within a year. It will not be Linnaeusís fault if Bäck does not get all of it.

Linnaeus wants to know more in connection with a rumour in Western Europe that there is a root that gives a medicine against epilepsy. Linnaeus thinks that it is from a plant growing in America.

Linnaeus asks when Thorís wife will give her husband a child. It should be during the year. Otherwise, there should be fines imposed on women newly wed.

Linnaeus sends his regards to Bäckís wife [Anna Charlotta Bäck Bäck, Anna Charlotta
(1737-1767). Swedish. Wife of Abraham
Bäck. Born Adlerberg.
]. Bäck should be glad that they can share a house and do not have to live separately, he at Drottningholm and she in the country.

Linnaeus feels like breeding goats in the mountains. He is far from where things happen, so he wants to hear all sorts of gossip, especially about the upper classes in Stockholm.

Regards to Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin and others conclude the letter.


a. original (KVA). [1] [2]


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