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Link: • Carl Gustaf Dahlberg to Carl Linnaeus, 20 January 1756 n.s.
Dated 20 Januarij 1756. Sent from Surinam (Surinam) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Carl Gustaf DahlbergDahlberg, Carl Gustaf (?-?).
Swedish. Colonel and owner of a
plantation in Surinam. Daniel Rolander
went to Surinam to serve as tutor for
Dahlberg’s children. Correspondent of
writes to Linnaeus from Suriname and thanks him for his letter of May 20th the year before [this letter has not come down to us]. He hopes that his last letter, in which he writes about his arrival in Suriname on June 20th the year before [this letter has not come down to us], has reached Linnaeus. He has heard that the ship on which the letter was sent has had trouble in St. Christopher. He writes that Daniel RolanderRolander, Daniel (1725-1793).
Swedish. Naturalist and explorer.
Studied at Uppsala University under
Linnaeus. Went to Surinam in 1755-1756.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is returning to Europe after seven months and that he wanted him to stay longer as an opportunity to travel to the mountains might occur. However, Rolander referred to his poor health, his discomfort at the climate, tiredness after working in the heat and that he had seen most of the lower land. Besides Rolander thinks that Suriname is not as interesting as people think. Dahlberg says that he is doing his best and he is happy if he has contributed to science.

He writes that he is happy to contribute to science and he hopes to be able to return to Europe sometime.


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