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Link: • Johannes Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 24 February 1756 n.s.
Dated 24 Febr: MDCCLVI. Sent from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to (). Written in Latin.


Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has something new to tell Linnaeus. He has been talking to George CliffordClifford, George (1685-1760).
Dutch. Banker and merchant in Amsterdam,
Linnaeusís benefactor. Owner of
Hartecamp and its botanical garden
outside Haarlem. Correspondent of
who told him that the Hortus CliffortianusLinnaeus, Carl Hortus
Cliffortianus, plantas exhibens quas in
hortis tam vivis quam siccis Hartecampi
in Hollandia coluit [...] Georgius
(Amsterdam 1737). Soulsby
no. 328.
is out of print. Burman had suggested that a new edition should be printed with Linnaeusís emendations and new observations. Burman has offered about 25 plates from the third tome of the Hortus AmstelodamensisCommelin, Caspar Horti medici
Amstelaedamensis plantae rariores et
(Leiden 1706).
which will not be completed and printed [vol.I was published in 1697, Horti medici Amstelodamensis [...] descriptioCommelin, Jan Horti medici
Amstelodamensis rariorum tam Orientalis
quam Occidentalis Indiae, aliarumque
peregrinarum plantarum, magno studio ac
labore, sumptibus civitatis
Amstelodamensis, longa annorum serie
collectarum, descriptio et icones ad
vivum aeri incisae. Auctore Joanne
Commelino [...] Opus posthumum,
Latinitate donatum, notisque &
observationibus illustratum, a Frederico
Ruyschio [...] & Francisco
, I-II (Amsterdam
, vol. II in 1706; there was no third volume].

Clifford was very pleased and promised to give Burman the old plates provided that Linnaeus agreed and would be willing to send Burman his emendations and additions.

Burman will send Linnaeus his plates, and asks him to make descriptions according to his method.

If this pleases Linnaeus, Burman will make the corrections, and add what should be inserted from his collections, at least the errors he has found concerning Charles PlumierísPlumier, Charles (1646-1704).
French. Botanist, travelled in Central
America and the Carribean. Linnaeus
generally approved of the descriptions
in his richly illustrated botanical
plants. He has promised Clifford to tell him as soon as Linnaeus has agreed. Then they can talk to a printer. Burman has persuaded Clifford to have a picture of him inserted in the beginning of the new edition.

Burman has had the opportunity to get hold of Henric Bernhard OldenlandísOldenland, Henric Bernhard
(1663-1697). German. Botanist.
Travelled to South Africa with the Dutch
Cape Colony, where he participated in an
exploratory expedition and became land
surveyor and curator of the
Company´s Garden in Cape Town. His
uncompleted herbarium and catalogue of
the local flora was later used by, among
others, Johannes Burman.
herbarium with plants from the Cape of Good Hope through a friend, who bought it from the widow. It contains 25 folio volumes. Burman now possesses the first five and is expecting the rest in a few days.

Burman sends some Plumier illustrations from the third fascicle [Burman refers to his editing of the Plantarum Americanarum fasciculus primus[-decimus]Plumier, Charles Plantarum
Americanarum fasciculus primus[-decimus]
continens plantas, quas olim C.
Plumierius [...] detexit, eruitque,
atque in insulis Antillis ipse depinxit.
Has primum in lucem edidit, concinnis
descriptionibus & observationibus,
aeneisque tabulis illustravit J.
(Amsterdam 1755-1760).
]. The two earlier are now in print and he will send them as soon as possible. He is grateful for Linnaeusís remarks and will not have the third fascicle printed until he receives Linnaeusís remarks about that one, too.


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