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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Abraham Bäck, 2 April 1756 n.s.
Dated 2 april 1756. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Latin.

Min Kiäreste Broder,

Per aliquot dies distractus negotiis innumeris non licuit vacare literis amicorum.

Heri succubuit filia D[omini] D[octoris] Rosen variolis. Inoculatio instituta fuit eadem die in filio, filia, nata Kioerning et nata Norreliana. Filiola Kiörning feliciter absolvebatur; sat violenter affligebatur filius Rosen. Filia variolis confluentibus contaminata periit. Periclitatur adhuc magnopere Norrelia; et ulcus, ubi inoculatio instituta, sanie fluit copiosissime, ut chirurgi metuant magnopere, quod pars laedatur, sed nondum vita evasit. Plures qui praepararunt natos suos, ut inocularentur, inoculationi jam cessant, postquam familiam D[omini] Rosenii tamdiu cruciatam et mactatam praemissis incurrisse variolas confluentes, et filiam succubuisse, ubi omnes aliae infantes evasere sine arte, in urbe; rarissime enim auditum, quod hac tempestate s[ive] epidemia aliquis infans perierit. Doleo jacturam D[omi]ni Rosenii, ejusque conjugis, qui amisere natam pulcherrimam; mater dolet tanto magis, quod credat flliam vixisse abs arte, sed periisse arte sua.

Miser Söderberg, si capite damnetur; doleo juvenem animo mitissimo ita seductum fuisse.

Prodiit Browne Historia naturalis Jamaicae, quae erit opus egregium.

Upsal[iae] d[ie] 2 april[is] 1756.

Wälborne H[err] Doctor BAECK


Linnaeus explains to Abraham BäckBäck, Abraham (1713-1795).
Swedish. Physician, president of the
Collegium Medicum, Stockholm. Close
friend of Linnaeus. Correspondent of
that he has had lots of things to do during the last few days, so he has not written to his friends.

Nils Rosén von RosénsteinRosén von Rosenstein, Nils
(1706-1773). Swedish. Physician
and professor of medicine. Colleague of
Linnaeus at Uppsala. The founder of
modern pediatrics. Correspondent of
’s daughter [Johanna Maria von RosénsteinRosen von Rosenstein, Johanna Maria
(1752-1756). Swedish. Daughter of
Anna Christina and Nils Rosén
von Rosenstein. Sister of Anna Margareta
Aurivillius and Nils von Rosenstein.
] died of smallpox the day before. Several members of her family, among them the girl, were inoculated on the same day, together with the daughters of Olof KjörningKiörning, Olof
(1704-1778). Swedish. Superintendent at
the diocese of Härnösand, from
1773 entitled bishop. Married to
Elisabeth Margareta von Hermansson.
Father of Georg von Kiörning.
and Andreas NoreliusNorrelius, Andreas (1679-1749).
Swedish. Librarian of the University of
Uppsala. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
. Some of these persons had been taken seriously ill by the inoculation, but only von Rosénstein’s daughter had died. However, many parents who had decided to have their children inoculated have changed their minds, since they think that the inoculation brought about the girl’s death. You hardly ever hear that a child has died from smallpox during the current outbreak.

Linnaeus is saddened by the von Rosénstein family’s loss, and the girl’s mother [Anna Christina Rosén von RosensteinRosén von Rosenstein, Anna
(1718-1782). Swedish.
Wife of Nils Rosén von
Rosenstein, born von Hermansson.
] mourns the more since she thinks that it was the inoculation that caused her death.

Linnaeus would be sorry if Olof SöderbergSöderberg, Olof Swedish.
gets the death sentence. It is a pity that a young man of such a mild temperament has been so badly misled.

Patrick Browne’sBrowne, Patrick (1720-1790).
Irish. Botanist who made six voyages to
the West Indies. In 1756 he published
The Civil and natural history of
(1756). Correspondent of
Historia naturalis Jamaicae [Linnaeus refers to the The Civil and natural history of JamaicaBrowne, Patrick The Civil and
natural history of Jamaica: in three
parts: containing, I. An accurate
description of that island [...] with a
brief account of its former and present
state, government, revenues, produce,
and trade: II. A history of the natural
productions [...] native fossils [...]:
III: An account of the nature of
climates in general, and their
different effects upon the human
(London 1756).
] has been published, an excellent work.


a. original (KVA). [1] [2]


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