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Link: • Pehr Osbeck to Carl Linnaeus, 10 May 1756 n.s.
Dated . Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Pehr OsbeckOsbeck, Pehr (1723-1805).
Swedish. Clergyman, botanist explorer.
Studied at Uppsala under Linnaeus
1745-1750. Chaplain on ships of the
Swedish East India Company on voyages to
China. Vicar of Hasslöv (Halland).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
writes that he had omitted to fetch Linnaeusís latest letter before the post office closed, so he was unable to answer by return of mail. However, had he done so, he could not have told Linnaeus that the ship Maria with its captain NybergNyberg, Swedish. Sea-captain.
had arrived from Amsterdam, as it did the following Saturday, and brought with it a package for Osbeck.

Christian HolmHolm, Christian Swedish.
Consul, Sêté.
has received the package and promised to write to Linnaeus before he leaves, which will not be before June. He sends his regards to Linnaeus through Osbeck.

Carl Gustaf TessinTessin, Carl Gustaf
(1695-1770). Swedish. Count, important
politician and patron of science and
art. He supported Swedish artists and
scientists and collected art, books and
natural history objects. He assisted
Linnaeusís career in many ways. Married
to Lovisa Ulrica Tessin. Uncle to
Fredrik Sparre. Correspondent of
has gone to the country and will remain at Häringe, Carl Julius De la GardieísDe la Gardie, Carl Julius
(1728-1786). Swedish. Military officer.
Son of Magnus Julius De la Gardie,
brother of Eva Ekeblad De la Gardie.
estate, for a week. During his absence, Osbeck has to look after the indoor flowers, especially a Geranium similar to Geranium capitatum, which was drooping at first. Osbeck asks how much water it needs.

Tessin had a copy of Osbeckís travel report with him on his journey [the travel report was published in 1757, Dagbok öfwer en ostindisk resaOsbeck, Pehr Dagbok
öfwer en ostindisk resa åren
1750. 1751. 1752. Med anmärkningar
uti naturkunnigheten, främmande
folkslags språk, seder,
hushållning, m.m. [...] Jämte
12 tabeller och afledne
skepps-predikanten : Toréns
(Stockholm 1757).
]. He read a little before he departed, and he seemed content with it. He will at least see that Osbeck was not idle during the voyage.

P. S. Osbeck introduces the carrier of the letter, a nobleman by the name WennerstiernaWennerstierna, Swedish. , who had made many friends during the time he studied at the secondary school in Gothenburg. He studies law and is interested in becoming acquainted with Linnaeus. Osbeck wishes that jurists could become interested in botany, and he thinks that Wennerstierna shows such interest.


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