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Link: • Johannes Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 20 July 1756 n.s.
Dated 20 Iulii MDCCLVI. Sent from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Shortly before Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
was going to send the enclosure to Pierre BalguerieBalguerie, Pierre (1679-1759).
French. Swedish agent in Amsterdam.
Father of Daniel Balguerie.
he received a letter from Linnaeus [this letter has not come down to us]. From that he can see that Linnaeus is grateful for having received the bulbs Burman sent, but he is surprised that Linnaeus has not yet received the 15 illustrations to the fourth fascicle and some copies of the third [Burman refers to his editing of the Plantarum Americanarum fasciculus primus[-decimus]Plumier, Charles Plantarum
Americanarum fasciculus primus[-decimus]
continens plantas, quas olim C.
Plumierius [...] detexit, eruitque,
atque in insulis Antillis ipse depinxit.
Has primum in lucem edidit, concinnis
descriptionibus & observationibus,
aeneisque tabulis illustravit J.
(Amsterdam 1755-1760).
], since the ship arrived long ago.

Burman is glad that Linnaeus has observed the Ixia among Burmanís bulbs. He did not know that Linnaeus had described it in the Centuria I plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Centuria I.
, diss., resp. A. Juslenius
(Uppsala 1756). Soulsby no. 1848.
. He asks Linnaeus to send the book.

Linnaeus has sold some of Burmanís books, sending money through Claes GrillGrill, Claes (1705-1767).
Swedish. Merchant, owner of the iron
works of Söderfors, Österby
and Iggesund. Director of the Swedish
East India Company. Also known as an art
collector and patron of arts and
sciences. Brother of Anthoni Grill and
Johan Abraham Grill. Correspondent of
. Burman is very grateful.

Burman will forward a letter from Linnaeus to a Swedish student [presumably Daniel RolanderRolander, Daniel (1725-1793).
Swedish. Naturalist and explorer.
Studied at Uppsala University under
Linnaeus. Went to Surinam in 1755-1756.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] as soon as he knows where he lives.

Burman believes that he soon will have some dried plants from Linnaeus. Burman is amazed at the plants of Henric Bernhard OldenlandísOldenland, Henric Bernhard
(1663-1697). German. Botanist.
Travelled to South Africa with the Dutch
Cape Colony, where he participated in an
exploratory expedition and became land
surveyor and curator of the
Company´s Garden in Cape Town. His
uncompleted herbarium and catalogue of
the local flora was later used by, among
others, Johannes Burman.
herbarium, plants that he has not seen before. He wishes that they together could examine these plants as they did before with the Ceylonese plants. Since the day Linnaeus left Holland Burman has collected a large number of Ceylonese plants, many of them missing in Paul HermannusísHermann, Paul (1646-1695).
German. Botanist, physician at Batavia,
professor of botany at Leiden.
collection. Burman also, some years ago, received, Laurent GarcinísGarcin, Laurent (1683-1752).
Dutch. Army physician and traveller, who
went to Flanders, Spain and Portugal and
to the East Indies, India, Ceylon,
Arabia and Persia.
Indian herbarium. Burman has added nouns to these plants. Moreover, Burman possesses Willem PisoísPiso, Willem (1611-1675).
Dutch. Naturalist, physician. Leader of
a scientific expedition to Brazil, with,
among others, Georg Markgraf.
herbarium, collected in Brazil, and every year he receives goods from India, last year a lot from Java, most of it occurring in Georg Eberhard RumpfísRumpf, Georg Eberhard
(1628-1702). Dutch. Naturalist and
merchant in the service of the Dutch
East India Company. Governor of the
Dutch colony Ambon. He published two
works on the flora of the isle of Ambon.
work [Burman refers to the Herbarium AmboinenseRumpf, Georg Eberhard
Herbarium Amboinense, plurimas
conplectens arbores, fructices, herbas,
plantas terrestres & aquaticas, quae
in Amboina et adjacentibus reperiuntur
insulis [...] Omnia [...] Belgice
conscripsit G. E. Rumphius [...] Nunc
primum in lucem edidit, & in Latinum
sermonem vertit Joannes Burmannus [...]
qui varia adjecit synonyma, suasque
, I-VII (Amsterdam
]. He has also received a big collection from the Cape of Good Hope. Burman regrets that his practise takes so much time as well as his other public duties. He hopes to be able to hand it over to his son in due course, and, if he gets old, he will live on his estate devoting his life entirely to botany.

Burman once again asks for new observations and emendations of the Hortus CliffortianusLinnaeus, Carl Hortus
Cliffortianus, plantas exhibens quas in
hortis tam vivis quam siccis Hartecampi
in Hollandia coluit [...] Georgius
(Amsterdam 1737). Soulsby
no. 328.
. Without doubt he will find a bookseller willing to print it, but not before the latter has seen how much there is to do. The same goes for the Flora LapponicaLinnaeus, Carl Flora
Lapponica exhibens plantas per Lapponiam
crescentes, secundum systema sexuale
collectas in itinere [...] Additis
synonymis, & locis natalibus omnium,
descriptionibus & figuris rariorum,
viribus medicatis & oeconomicis
(Amsterdam, 1737).
Soulsby no. 279.
. Burman again offers 25 illustrations originally made for the third tome of the Hortus AmstelodamensisCommelin, Caspar Horti medici
Amstelaedamensis plantae rariores et
(Leiden 1706).
[vol. I was published in 1697, Horti medici Amstelodamensis [...] descriptioCommelin, Jan Horti medici
Amstelodamensis rariorum tam Orientalis
quam Occidentalis Indiae, aliarumque
peregrinarum plantarum, magno studio ac
labore, sumptibus civitatis
Amstelodamensis, longa annorum serie
collectarum, descriptio et icones ad
vivum aeri incisae. Auctore Joanne
Commelino [...] Opus posthumum,
Latinitate donatum, notisque &
observationibus illustratum, a Frederico
Ruyschio [...] & Francisco
, I-II (Amsterdam
, vol. II in 1706; there was no third volume].

Through Johan Frederik GronoviusGronovius, Johan Frederik
(1690-1762). Dutch. Naturalist, senator
of Leiden. Linnaeusís benefactor and
friend. Published Flora Virginica
(1743, 1762) together with John Clayton.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
a new edition of the Systema naturae, 9th editionLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 9th edition, ed. J. F.
Gronovius (Leiden 1756). Soulsby no. 57.
has been printed. Burman is sure that Gronovius already has sent it to Linnaeus.

Burman is very grateful for the good wishes that Linnaeus extended in connection with his silver wedding, hoping that God will let Linnaeus, too, celebrate and let him have many happy and harmonious years to come.


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