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Link: • Johannes Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 26 October 1756 n.s.
Dated 26 Octobr. MDCCLVI. Sent from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to (). Written in Latin.


Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has delivered a parcel to Pierre BalguerieBalguerie, Pierre (1679-1759).
French. Swedish agent in Amsterdam.
Father of Daniel Balguerie.
, who had informed Burman that the last ship before winter is about to leave for Sweden. Burman has inserted seeds and dried plants from Java. He has not had time to add the names, and he asks Linnaeus, if he has the opportunity, to list them in his next letter. Burman also sends roots of Arum esculentum from Surinam and what is ready so far of the fourth fascicle of the Plantarum Americanarum fasciculus primus[-decimus]Plumier, Charles Plantarum
Americanarum fasciculus primus[-decimus]
continens plantas, quas olim C.
Plumierius [...] detexit, eruitque,
atque in insulis Antillis ipse depinxit.
Has primum in lucem edidit, concinnis
descriptionibus & observationibus,
aeneisque tabulis illustravit J.
(Amsterdam 1755-1760).
. It is hard to believe that so few botanists are interested, none from Italy, not even Jean François SéguierSéguier, Jean François
(1703-1784). French. Antiquarian
and botanist, Nimes. Correspondent of
, whose third tome recently appeared [presumably Plantae VeronensesSéguier, Jean François
Plantae Veronenses seu Stirpium
quae in agro Veronensi reperiuntur
methodica synopsis. [...] Accedit
ejusdem Bibliothecae botanicae
, I-III (Verona
, the third tome published in 1754]. This discourages Burman, as he has to spend so much money and energy.

Burman has inserted illustrations of two species of Parietaria. He also sends 15 plates, originally made for the third tome of the Hortus AmstelodamensisCommelin, Caspar Horti medici
Amstelaedamensis plantae rariores et
(Leiden 1706).
[vol. I was published in 1697, Horti medici Amstelodamensis [...] descriptioCommelin, Jan Horti medici
Amstelodamensis rariorum tam Orientalis
quam Occidentalis Indiae, aliarumque
peregrinarum plantarum, magno studio ac
labore, sumptibus civitatis
Amstelodamensis, longa annorum serie
collectarum, descriptio et icones ad
vivum aeri incisae. Auctore Joanne
Commelino [...] Opus posthumum,
Latinitate donatum, notisque &
observationibus illustratum, a Frederico
Ruyschio [...] & Francisco
, I-II (Amsterdam
, vol. II in 1706; there was no third volume], to be inserted into the new edition of the Hortus CliffortianusLinnaeus, Carl Hortus
Cliffortianus, plantas exhibens quas in
hortis tam vivis quam siccis Hartecampi
in Hollandia coluit [...] Georgius
(Amsterdam 1737). Soulsby
no. 328.
if Linnaeus is going to work on that this winter.

Burman has been talking to Anthoni GrillGrill, Anthoni (1705-1783).
Swedish. Merchant in Amsterdam. Brother
of Claes Grill and Johan Abraham Grill.
and Pierre BalguerieBalguerie, Pierre (1679-1759).
French. Swedish agent in Amsterdam.
Father of Daniel Balguerie.
about Andreas Bergh’sBergh, Andreas Swedish. ship, and they both told him that Bergh twice this summer had brought his ship safely home. A month ago he left for Stockholm and Balguerie thought that he will return before winter. It would be easy for Linnaeus to ask Bergh where he has left the plants directed to Burman, or if he wants to supply him with a new parcel full of dried plants, thus restoring the loss.

At his estate, Burman has erected a greenhouse growing exotic bulbs and pineapples. Innumerable bulbs have begun to sprout again. Those of which he has an abundance of he will send to Linnaeus next spring.

Burman sends some more of Charles Plumier’sPlumier, Charles (1646-1704).
French. Botanist, travelled in Central
America and the Carribean. Linnaeus
generally approved of the descriptions
in his richly illustrated botanical
illustrations which he wants Linnaeus to examine.

Laurens Theodor GronoviusGronovius, Laurens Theodor
(1730-1777). Dutch. Naturalist. Senator
of Leiden. Son of Johan Frederik
Gronovius. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has been seriously ill but he has recovered.

Burman feels fine, but his wife [Adriana BurmanBurman, Adriana (-1759).
Dutch. Wife of Johannes Burman, mother
of Nicolaas Laurens Burman and Johanna
Elizabeth Burman.
] is weak, suffering from spasmodic pains.

In a postscript Burman mentions that he is sending more flowers of the green hyacinth and a plate where Linnaeus can find Parietaria.


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