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Link: • Johannes Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 30 November 1756 n.s.
Dated 30 Nov. 1756. Sent from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to (). Written in Latin.


Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has sent letters to Linnaeus dated 12 October 1756 Letter L2103 and 26 October 1756 Letter L2097 and a parcel full of various seeds from Java and many illustrations of plants with the last Pierre BalguerieBalguerie, Pierre (1679-1759).
French. Swedish agent in Amsterdam.
Father of Daniel Balguerie.
ship, but he has not received an answer.

Burman has received a letter from Albrecht von HallerHaller, Albrecht von
(1708-1777). Swiss. Naturalist and
poet, professor of medicine, botany,
anatomy and surgery at Göttingen
1736-1753. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
who has almost finished his “Orchidum classis constituta”Haller, Albrecht von “Orchidum
classis constituta”, Acta helvetica,

4 (Basle, 1760), 82-166.
, which has 48 plates. He will publish a new edition of his Swiss plants, enlarged and emended [Haller published the new edition in 1760, Enumeratio stirpium quae in Helvetia rariores proveniunt Haller, Albrecht von
Enumeratio stirpium quae in Helvetia
rariores proveniunt
[1760] ).
] and he has sent to Burman a lot of dried Swiss plants. Johannes GessnerGessner, Johannes (1709-1790).
Swiss. Naturalist, Zürich.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has also sent various Swiss plants and Burman will possess a very rich and elegant collection.

Laurens Theodor Gronovius’sGronovius, Laurens Theodor
(1730-1777). Dutch. Naturalist. Senator
of Leiden. Son of Johan Frederik
Gronovius. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
second volume of the Museum icthyologicumGronovius, Laurens Theodor
Museum icthyologicum, sistens piscium
indigenorum et quorundam exoticorum qui
in museo L. T. Gronovii adservantur
descriptiones [... ] Accedunt nonullorum
exoticorum piscium icones aeri
, 2 vol. (Leiden 1754).
has come out, and John Ellis’sEllis, John (1711-1776).
British. Merchant and naturalist, expert
on zoophytes. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
work An essay towards a natural history of the corallinesEllis, John An essay towards
a natural history of the corallines, and
other marine productions of the like
kind, commonly found on the coasts of
Great Britain and Ireland. To which is
added the description of a large marine
polype taken near the North Pole, by the
Whale-fishers, in the summer 1753

(London 1755).
has recently been printed in French in the Hague [Burman refers to the Essai sur l’ histoire naturelle des corallinesEllis, John Essai sur l’
histoire naturelle des corallines, et d’
autres productions marines du même
genre, qu’on trouve communément
sur les côtes de la
Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande; auquel on
a joint une description d’un grand
polype de mer, pris auprès du
Pole arctique, par des pêcheurs de
Baleine, pendant l’été de
(The Hague 1756).

The harvest of bulbs from the Cape of Good Hope this winter will be very rich if no misfortune occurs. Burman wishes that for one day Linnaeus could be with him contemplating them and he would be amazed. If Linnaeus could reserve and send Siberian or other rare seeds Burman would be most grateful.


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